Shop Remodel / A Shop for SELLERS

Are you sick of walking into shop after shop and see this??

Fib leaves Selling at 55c buying at 5c?
Buying Shim orbs at 25c selling at 400c
buying diamonds at 100 selling at 1000c???

Well no longer. Ive changed my business model!!!
All my signs will have a decent buy and selling price competitive with the market and they will also include the profit i make after taxes and it isnt set for 100c profit.

I aim to make a place where sellers can make decent coin and buyers can find a reliable supply of items at a competitive price

Prices / supply and profit levels will be changing frequently over the next few weeks as i find a way to price things compared to the market. For instance i love my fib prices but people are not really buying them right now so the price may have to be lowered.


Recoils Shop
[PS] Bittula | 3rd floor | near Sparta
[Skyway network] Bittula | Second floor | across from the Chz Brgr Aqua hub portal
[Aqua Shops hubs West ] Beckon |

please let me know of you see any large price issues, and please forgive me for the empy stands on some, still working my layout…out…

oh yeah and im buying all gems at 475 selling them at 600 making only like 20c a piece.

Happy shopping, farming, selling and hunting :smiley:


Your math is wrong, 475-600 is 125c profit not 20c… just saying.

If you get it to where you make 50c or less per item turn over, I think you will see a lot more foot traffic/sales/and item movement because sellers will feel rewarded and return often to get good profit for gathering-- in turn letting the buyers know you are also not gouging them – in turn making you just as much money through footfall and purchases because everyone feels appreciated.

Most turn over shops fail, because they price things 100+ in difference between purchase and sale – alienating both types of customers.

Smaller profit margin will get you more movement but just as much, if not more profit.

Not insinuating you are or not, just my 2cents, I’ll visit tonight – oh yeah forgot about tax, understandable you have to price slightly higher to cover 10% tax

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If he’s offering 475, he’s paying 510. If he’s selling for 600 he’s earning 555. Total profit is 45c

Resale shops generally don’t work because of double tax


Forgetting about tax there big fella… just saying

It just gets old when I walk into a shop looking to offload a stack of something and see they are buying for 5c and then the sell basket right about says they are selling it at 125c.

It gets old seeing shops run this type of business sell me all your stuff for nothing but if you need something it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg. The hard part for me I think is going to be selling the common items ie raw meat and yams and keeping stock in items like exotic yams where I’m priced good but idk if I’ll get enough restock product.

This sounds right. I couldn’t remember what it was exactly this morning before I left for work. If my sign is wrong at the shop I’ll change it when I get home.

I’m thinking about getting the tax epic to try this new business model out make the prices better. I just hate taking skill points away from my only character lol I already can’t forge or craft or hunt really. I mine I gather I run around aimlessly and dodge spitter attacks haha

Well yeah, that would be gouging a bit, so I am in agreement. If you buy and sell things at 9c or lower there is no tax, so buying at 5c and selling at 9c would make sense. No tax needing to be off set , and it doesn’t alienate the buyer or seller while making a few coins for each item moved. That’s how it should be done

Ya I noticed that whe I first started a shop I had iron ore at 10c and I was like wait … If I sell it for 9 I make the same and the buyer pays less… done.

Yeah definitely, it gets a little harder the higher the buy rate is due to % tax, so it will look larger and larger each time. So resale shops are best for small gathering items at low cost so that tax does not inflate and devalue your shop.

But even rare stuff, cover tax and add 50c for larger items and you can even resale those and make small profits, it adds up fast

Love this. I do hope to see more shops take on a similar model. I hate the buying for 25c selling for 450c awful stores. I’m glad someone is trying to make a change. c:

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Exactly why i havent sold anything to request baskets yet. You’re not going to make a huge profit off of each item i sell you. I’ll keep it in my storage before I do that.

If I see your buy/sell ratio as reasonable though, I’d definitely shop there and sell as well.

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That’s the hope. To make a more reliable economy where sellers can contribute. If I get real busy and make a ton great but I’m not doing this for the profit I’m doing it so the few people that come to my shop know they can sell me their goods at a reasonable price and know I’m not undercutting them by selling at for 50x more. It’s how it should be. I don’t have a ton of coin so my request baskets don’t have a large bank roll but maybe over time I’ll be able to we’ll see. If I go broke doing this you’ll just see me offering to farm gems for someone making coils lol

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Well I bit the bullet moved some points around and got the tax epic so i adjusted my prices a little bit for that and then after running around the PS Bittula hub i adjusted prices to relfect market…mainly on the leaves and beans.

Feel free to stop by :smiley:

Where is it? What all are you buying?

You have my business when able. I boycott most shops due to what you’ve stated. I’m all for making profit (I ran a shop in beta), but not when it alienates both vendors and consumers. Basic economics tells us that shops like that will naturally fail over time, and most do, but some stick around simply because they have guildmates or friends that effectively sell to them regardless of how little they earn. So, yeah, it’s basically indentured servitude, and these shops can wreak havoc on an otherwise “free market.”

can you add more money to the reactive?

Edit: sweet beans too

Edit: I emptied a lot of your baskets, I had a lot to sell (never sold anything before)

I will visit your shop after work tonight. I gather exotic yams and make the loaf so I would interested in your prices

Added c to both. All my money is tied up in this now lol I can afford to keep the lights on till I start moving product. Lots of sellers which is nice. Hope to get some buyers now

I’ll be by this weekend to buy some stuff.