Shop Scanner QoL

First of all let me start by saying the scanner is a great addition! But :smiley: I wish a few changes to the UX to make it less painful to use.

I wish the price comparison in the request basket / shop plinth price UI displayed both buy and sell orders. Now I have no idea if somebody is selling the thing for lower than I’m buying for, or that somebody is buying my stuff for more than I’m selling them for.

Could there be a fast way to go to the knowledge entry of an item you have in your inventory, storage etc? Maybe even item linking functionality in chat? In signs!?

I also wish there was a hotkey to select / deselect the search bar in the knowledge UI, would be more m&kb friendly.

Make ctrl + a select text in input boxes, it’s a hassle to make a new search the way it is now, not to mention the usefulness in signs and chat box.