Shop Stand Durability Threshold

Almost gave in to this SWEET firesale! (It was 2000 coin with 0 durability :frowning: )

There was talk about not being able to put things in shop stands after it reaches a certain durability. This will be added later on in development still correct?


I think that was already implemented, but only to do with request baskets… For shop stands you just gotta pay attention :grin:

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My preference is that price is automatically proportional to item condition in shops.

Maybe someone wants to buy your knackered stuff for a few coins? Can’t afford a mint diamond hammer? Then buy a used one for much less!


I have a second hand section in my shop and sold some used stuff. Would be nice if it scaled down price automatically indeed.


Geez, with sales practices like that, I sure won’t shop at The Sweaty Shop now.

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I think I may have wandered through there, was a real surprise for me. In pretty new so I just assumed that everything on a stand would have to be full health /unused.

I actually like the idea of partial health items with whatever price the seller picks, it opens up room to scam the unwary (for those so inclined, this is a diverse community after all), but also makes worn tech available to noobs who “really really want to chisel just these 5 blocks in that particular way using this store bought OMG IS THAT PRICE A REAL NUMBER?!”


I almost bought a used one once, can’t remember how much it was but at the time I thought, wow that’s really reasonable, especially compared to everyone else’s prices, almost felt guilty paying soo much less … put it in the slot and was just about to confirm the transaction when I noticed it’s durability bar or practically lack of … decided they can keep it for some other mug :smile:

the thing with my second hand is that I scale the price down, so no problem for newbies making a mistake of buying a used tool for full price

Only issue with this is that pre scale and post scale must both be shown, otherwise I could just make it 100,000c and it will be scaled down to let’s say 1% and show 1000c tricking the consumer once again.


True story, but that’s coz you’re just a nice oort aren’t ya!

Maybe it should just be left as it is and seen as a life lesson. The items show the remaining durability so perhaps it’s just a case of buyer beware. If someone falls for paying a high price for something that only has a few % durability left then they’ll learn to be more attentive next time.

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