Shop Stand sold out - ZERO PROFIT to collect

This is an issue that happened with in the last 4-5 hours. I put out some shop stands for sale at around 1250-1350.There should have been well over 10k profit to collect but the stands are sold out and there is nothing there to collect. The only thing I have done new from any other time I have sold is spec in to the epic tax skill to reduce taxes

Unrelated but related as far as things ‘disappearing’ go I am short 20k coins from oort stones I sold the other day and 100+ opal disappeared at the same time. I wasn’t too irritated about it because i figured something wonky happened with the insane lag spikes that have been going on. But now I’ve noticed other things disappearing as well and it’s slowly becoming a nuisance I won’t put up with much longer from a personal standpoint.

At first I thought it was an issue with the servers and corrupting saves due to the issues being had, but then I remembered some hacks that were rampant in h1z1 and ARK when they were first released, as far as being able to access other players boxes/safes/shops/etc

Now it probably isnt that at all, and I’m hoping it is something to do with the servers otherwise this isn’t going to be good going forward. There’s no way I’m the only one who is impacted by this right now. I don’t think it’s a glaring problem atm because the amount of actual shop owners are not that many still compared to the players leveling up and using the shops.

This got much more ‘opinionated’ than I intended it to be and I may be combining different issues going on however it doesnt change my initial issue that within the last 4-5 hours at this point I guess, I had a shop stand selling shop stands that all sold out and there was no profit to collect.

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I have noticed this (empty stand with no profit to collect) happen a few times too but wrote it off as bad admin on my part.


Thank you for confirming I’m not going insane.

One other thing I notice is the item is not even listed on the price list. It’s like it was just erased.

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I’m pretty sure this has happened to me also.


Guess I’ll put my restaurant on hold until this gets addressed. As much as I wouldn’t normally mind, with the new system I kinda need all the coins I can get.

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It’s funny you mention hacking. Last night I said the same thing to my bf as we were playing. We’ve been long time supporters of EA games and last night I said this rubberbanding/lag reminded me of when we were playing Reign of Kings a few years back. When the rubberbanding/lag would start it was generally a given indication that something was amuck, and sure enough it ended up being hackers disrupting the server.

I really hope they can resolve this server issues this game has so much promise. I only started on Friday and have gotten more and more frustrated each day. But each day I’ve been hopeful and try to give it a chance. Devs please wake up and fix these issues… WOW or another game is easily turned on when my frustrations can take no more. You need to address this and fast otherwise you are going to lose current or future players. There are so many negative Steam reviews regarding the lag, I know for a very fact my bf would not have bought the game for us to play if he had seen such reviews early on. So please for the sake of this beautiful game address the problems!

We’ll absolutely investigate this, I’m not going to give any theories as to what the cause is because frankly, I’m don’t have the technical knowledge to do that. I can quite confidently say though it’s not going to be down to any form of hacking.

I’m going to put this in our database for the coders to take a look at, in the meantime I’ll see if I can find a reproduction for it.

Are any of the items listed in the OP affected for anyone else? (Probably not item specific but hey… anything’s worth a shot).


I wonder if braking the shop stands will release the coin?

The stand wasn’t broken in this case so it wouldn’t have been an issue in my circumstance.

it’s just that people used to have items disappear from furnaces and when they would brake them the items would fall out on to the ground. might be worth a shot?

sorry. I’m sure this will now be a dev priority.

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Something is causing items to go missing, my bf was trying to transfer a stack of like 30 bones into a chest the other night during some lag issues only to have them disappear. We searched all over to no avail, they simply went “poof”!

Yeh this was a cool bug, I pointed it out just after the exp update when farming rock-stone-refined was crazy exp. Used to use furnaces to hide gemstone from people in shared plots. :smiling_imp:


I had this earlier, but then after 2 hours or so the profit showed up. I now more annoyed at my powercoil that vanished… I think other people can pick things up you break to remove lol

me and @hashmalash had same experience
also @andysav had someone pm him that they could take stuff from shopstand like they had beacon rights wich they had not


Let me guess you try to do an item your going to sell and you sell ghost items to make the money

May be a stupid and obvious question but, Is there anyone else on the permissions?

I have not noticed any specific missing cash, but I did notice a lot less profit than I normally see. I wonder if it has anything to do with smart stacks. All the shop stands that I’ve seen a bit low coin on had smart stacks. If tests need to be done, I can volunteer to do some testing.

I bought a smart stack of iron the other day and it wouldn’t let me buy it as a smart stack (said “inventory is full” while I had enoug space) so I seperately moved all stacks of 100 iron and bought them that way. Maybe people try buying a stack from you and think it’s bugged because of that. (well it is bugged, but there’s the workaround).

I bet that’s it actually. in my iron hammer shop stand, I had one smart stack of hammers and one single. I thought it strange this morning when I checked it. the cash in it was what a single would cost after the tax, yet they were all gone.

I thought that I must have emptied the cash already, but now that I think about it, I don’t believe I did. If someone wants to test, I can setup a test to see if the smart stacks are bugged in my shop.