Shop Stands not loading correctly


My shop stands aren’t loading correctly. They all look empty unless you walk right up to them. Issue is not limited to me but it seems my shop suffers more than others. Possibly due to the content (leds, sign modules seem especially bad at loading) and/or because I have a lot of shop stands in a small space.


What platform are you playing the game on? If it’s Steam, can you check what your graphics settings are set to and whether increasing options like the Draw Distance makes a difference?


I’ve noticed almost this same thing since the new patch. Except, it takes a few seconds before they appear. All of my stands are in a line. could it be the order that objects are loaded into the world maybe?

Additional info:

~I’m on PC
~Only when I come out of a portal in my shop (portal faces the stands)
~Only happens the first time entering my LED stores
~seems to be only the items for sale on the stand itself that it happens to
~All settings maxed (network set to 8mbit too)
~cranking down the “total data loaded for world’s through portals” to 50% seems to fix, or minimize this for me.


just got it happening when shopping in big malls - it took ages for items to load



Were there a lot of Shop Stands? Could you show screenshots of the affected Shop Stands, or a video of them popping into view?


I sent a issue ticket which has the coordinates where its really bad. Pc players only it seems like. Changing the draw distance doesnt do anything. Here is a screenshot of how bad it is. ALL of those shop stands are full and you can see im only a few blocks away from some. I just came from a portal so this is the first thing people will now see when they enter my shop.


same here (also pc) …have to look in the direction of the stand to make goods appear


video of the issue. Seems to happen to some shops and not others.

EDIT: to be clear this is WITHOUT using the shop stand client or any other significant mods.


Sims video captures the issue perfectly. You need to look at the stand directly for it to load.


Thanks for the screenshots everyone and especially to you @Simoyd for providing that video, so the information has been added to the bug database. The video shows the issue perfectly. It almost looks as if you were using some sort of divine power to make the items appear just by looking at them.


This happened to me yesterday on PS4. I don’t have any pictures or video, though.


Yeah, happened to me today on PS4


fixed for me!


Same problem on ps4


Is it occurring in the same way as the video posted a few replies above?


i am sorry my Problem is a other as the Video.
in my Shop the stands load to late


Do you mean it was acting differently to the video?


yes it is different.
my Problem is the visibility from afar.
its not a Bug, its a Performance problem


What are the coordinates of this location?


It is: -1.384N -2.0140 (H 85) on Arie