Shopkeeper's Price Calculator

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A quick release, this is still very much WIP but figured people might find it useful even in this alpha state.

Wanted a fast way to look how many base resources are needed when mass crafting stuff, and to see how much a product is actually worth when I input the prices of the base resources used to make it. Still missing a lot of features!


  • Intermediate resource pricing, now it’s just the base items.
  • Select if you’re using something else than mass crafts, currently the calculations use just mass craft amounts.
  • Spark and heat prices, now they’re ignored
  • Show power requirements, and the crafting machine type for easy referencing
  • Tax modifiers
  • Maybe have durability modifiers, like in the case of foods you don’t use up a whole bucket each time but the value seems to be pretty low in the end so not sure if really needed
  • A “shopping cart” to value forged things, add forge ingredients there to have their value reflect to the total price
  • Cleaner links, uses the internal item names currently

The auto-prices are pulled from thanks to @fuzzylkd for providing a way to get some data out of there without much hassle. Currently selects the highest buy order price.

All data is stored locally in local storage, so if you link an item to somebody the prices won’t be included, just the item name.

Step by step rift bow forge

This is amazing! I’ve been using a local version i’ve made to calculate coil costs myself, but having it on a website, along with integration with boundless trade is just simply fantastic!

Excellent work there mate!


Ill try this


Amazing tool! Now I can scrap part of my spreadsheets. Thank you :slight_smile:

One small quick improvement: Would be nice when boundlesstrade opens in a new tab


Oh I seem to have lost that functionality at some point, it’s back there now :slight_smile: Requires a ctrl + F5 to skip cached files to make it update.

And don’t scrap the spreadsheets yet, there could be bugs in this :smiley: No extensive testing has been done and it’s pretty spaghetti.


Version 0.2 Changelog

  • Purchase and sales tax options (Assumes the tax epic is active)
  • Crafting machine indicators, the icons are just random boundless icons but I did my best to match the machine color

edit: Oh wow I was just testing the tax stuff on testing, and the item in the basket disappears now if you don’t have enough budget in it to buy one with the set price! This is awesome! I didn’t see this mentioned in the patch notes, maybe I just missed it. Or is this already on live too?


Version 0.3 Changelog

  • Improved the search algorithm (“ti ha” for example now properly matches items like “Titanium Balanced Hammer”)
  • Can now hide the coin amounts to use the tool as more of a general crafting aid
  • Base item quantity can now be modified
  • Item quantities can be rounded up to the next mass craft, makes it easier to pick up the right amount of materials from your shelves when actually crafting the thing. Doesn’t affect the coin calculations, display only!
  • Can now hide the decimal points in quantities since they’re irrelevant when crafting many items

Testing is unfortunately suboptimal, lots of things are in flux, so there could be bugs, please report any issues you have!

Looks like this in the “crafting only mode”