Shopping portals


PS has a lot of good connections to all the planets and the like. Between PS and Ultima, I think those are the two main hub connections (If that’s the right word haha).


Yeah I’m connected up to Ultima and I’m pretty familiar with their entire system so I should get my bearings in PS and hubbit and the likes really


You are more than welcome to have a portal to Duskmoor. We are located on Pheminorum :slight_smile:
We are a very active great city with lots of active members.


Hey tricky, your welcome to attach to tnt. Ill even spot you some shards :wink:


Ahh thanks guys :slight_smile: I would come check both out but currently stuck in the sanctum unable to connect to any world it seems :eyes:

Illegal protocol message? Hmm.


Oh yeah, been there! Hope you stocked up on chips


Well I’ve watched a full Biffy Clyro gig since it decided i wasn’t worthy of entering the universe… And… I’m still being denied :cry:

Tonight may not be the night