Shops, Malls and Markets! List yours here

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This is to be a helpful guide to assist people in locating various locations to shop and open shops. If you have a shop, mall or market please list yours below.

If can please include:
Discord Channel
Map of shop/mall/market
Mega thread
Best route to location


DK Mall

The Raxxian Emporium

The Showroom Network

Nova Golda Market

Gyosha Mall

Sunken Town Mall

Moonlight Canals Mall


War Maiden’s


The Ice Cave

Refined Bob’s


DKMall :blush: TNT and Ult Tana
Discord and map and game utilities at


The Raxxian Emporium

Status : It’s all new, awaiting merchants, barely anything to sell yet.
Discord : Goblinounours#4027
Megathread : Raxxian Emporium
How to ge there :

And here’s a map. You should arrive through the Portal hub at the bottom of the map.


Not exactly a mall but it’s an awesome place to find shops in an organized layout.

ShowRoom network.
Composed of 3 clone “malls” at USW, USE, EU all connected.
Megathread: ShowRoom Network Megathread
Portals: TNT, PS Biitula/Lamblis/Grovidias TE, and many more…


Added shops to be listed. If you want to list your shop feel free.

Introducing The Ice Cave! (lmk if you can think of a better name)

You can find me at ShowRoom USE under the “Decorative blocks” category

I sell all true colors of ice, among others. This includes:
If a color has a check by it, then all varieties of it are in stock

  • Red
  • Cherry :heavy_check_mark:
  • Rose
  • Orange :heavy_check_mark:
  • Sepia :heavy_check_mark:
  • Mustard
  • Tan
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Mint
  • Viridian
  • Teal
  • Turquoise
  • Slate
  • Azure
  • Cerulean
  • Cobalt
  • Blue
  • Lavender
  • Lilac
  • Violet
  • Black

Additionally, I sell colors that I find particularly appealing, such as:

  • Shadow cerulean
  • Shadow red
  • Shadow orange
  • Luminous veridian

You may think, “But Bonez, what about Taupe, Lime, Moss, Magenta, and Berry??”
Fear not! There is no “True” version of these colors, just many variations. So, I currently have these:

  • Taupe :heavy_check_mark:
  • Bright lime
  • Bright moss
  • Hot and warm magenta
  • Light berry

I would like to gather all variants of these colors, but that will take quite some time, and alotta gleampops! So maybe someday…

Also, I can take orders, PM me if you wish to order a specific color (any of the 255) of ice!

*all colors sourced from gleampops start at 30c, due to scarcity and the cost of gleampops. Colors like cool grey and white are 5c and 1c each, respectively, due to them being permanent.
Glacier is more expensive due to the manual labor of having to transform it all. I recommend just getting ice and transforming it yourself haha


That looks really good, well done.


Thank you! all of it is made out of ice


I was thinking of making my own thread about my unique shop, but I wasn’t sure if making a thread just to advertise a shop would be looked down upon. I just want people to know that there’s a place to get multicolored ice if they want it


Do it. Alot of people do. Always good idea to reserve a few of the first comments for updates as well. I always forget to :sob:

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Good to know! I think I’ll copy and paste the post to a new thread with a few edits. Thanks :blush:

Nova Golda Market

Need to update maps…

TNT Trung, PS Lamblis, Ultima Eresho 2x2 shop portals, many more too!


No more portal to meteor meet :weary:

Not my fault tho! Open one! I dare you!

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Gyosha Mall on Gyosha Ophin

Portals at PS Gyosha, Ultima Gyosha, PS Biitula (Gyosha City Portal behind Lamblis portal), TNT, DK Mall, Icon, etc.

Buy, sell, live, craft, be merry :blush:

I’ve been taking a step back from the mall, since it’s usually 100% full & operating like it’s own little city now. There is a discord, but the best way to contact me is here on the forums or via Twitter.

Available shop spaces usually have a mailbox near the door + signs with info on how to contact the owner to get the space. Players beacon/control their own spaces.

*4th Street


I sell coils.
Lots and lots of coils and I do my best to keep rapidly restock if necessary (sometimes other coil shops buy from me :love_you_gesture:)
Not a lot of anything else and not the most fancy of shops but if you want a reliable source of cheap coils then I’m your Oort.
Also have millions in baskets for ores and gems.
Shops on Boori (home), at Gyosha Mall, and Tana VII under DK’s Mall, with portals via PS, TNT, Guardian, Showroom, DK’s Mall.
Use BUTT to check prices as there are peeps who occasionally sell a little cheaper.


War Maiden’s currently located at Naughty Mall Yellow Mall (soon to be a larger version in Brown Town)

Accessible via top tier of TNT or through the Naughty Mall or USE Showroom in the forgers section.

Selling snipers and shotguns (all rank 300+, no defects, no quirks)

Between £6000 and £6500

The occasional Lucent batch is available.

Can take orders.



·._.·(¯ ·. .· Sunken Town Mall ·. .·´¯)·._.·´¯)

I am very proud to present to you guys
the Aquatopian Sunken Town Mall
you will find loads off information about us below but
first i like to present oortboy from oortwaves instruction video

[Aqua Sunken City Mall Guide]


Niia zed ka -393N 389E


Via aquatopian embassy hub on beckon straight in the middle here

Via ultima world hub

our ya can grab a portal yourself in the centralized hubs

our ya can grab a portal yourself in the centralized hubs
around the infocenter

Big Shops

these are well explained in the above instruction video

single plot market style plots

there are two single plot markets above the info center off the mall
if you just want to run a small number off shopstand in a marketstyle fashion
our sell faster by selling on a hot ff location :smile:
then grab one off these they are also numbered and available to rent
MARKETZONE 1 around the fountains

MARKETZONE 2 in middle off this shop plaza


wonna talk about the mall /advertise/ ask stuff join the aquatopian empire discord
and check the channel called sunken town mall for all ya mall newz beside frequent forum updates and showcases


Join the Aquatopian Empire Discord Server!

Check out the Aquatopian Empire community on Discord - hang out with 444 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


@Xaldafax english
@the-moebius english/francais/nederlands
@wischl (via discord) english/ deutsch

About us

we are some veteran players who been playing the game well before release
each with a decent reputation you can ask around for
we build this in first place cause we love building and in second place to have a more sustainable place to sell our goods all the profit generated by the mall users will be put back into the mall also cuase we freaking love this game :+1:



Moonlight Canals Mall, on Beckon. I don’t have a map (as I don’t know how to make one) and we are waiting for more shops to be installed and I have one of my own.

That pic includes most of the current mall. Here are the links:
Moonlight Canals Mall
Accessible via: TNT Megahub(Mall portals section), DK Mall, Gyosha Mall, and PS hub Bittula(city portal section)


This place looks beautiful!

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