Can someone help me find where I can shop for cheap titanium hammer to go mine with I just got back on boundless haven’t been on since March and everything is different


Happy to give you some Titanium hammers to get you going again if you want to meet up somewhere.

You can also check out



I’m at aqutopia embassy town


Ok, can head that way


Aenea at Nova Golda is my go-to with their 2399c nice 3x3 titanium hammers, which I love for mining on T5s. :slight_smile: Some portals there at major places like TNT and Ultima.


I got kicked so now I’m at my house on lasaina


ah, even better… my home is also on Lasaina


Location on lasaina?


South alback planitia


actual location would be easier to find =) … Character Menu - Places - Locations Tab, at top of list


1803n,1977e, altitude 70


I am there but dont see you… is one of those coords supposed to be - ?



Are u on ps4


Sorry i’m out. In the process of moving my shops. Haven’t made metal tools for a week or two now. So my “Iron horse shoe” shop is starting to run out of pretty much everything.


For cheap forged tools come o Q-MART

Titanium Hammers 3500
Diamond T6 Hammers 6500

Lacuna Portal off Portal Seekers Gravidias hub. Portal “LACUNA”


Check us out :slight_smile: