Shopstand with both patterned and normal concrete losing pricing info

Customer buys patterned concrete and somehow the price disappears of regular concrete so the stand shows as being empty even tho it is not.
The patterned price is still there tho!

Normally it still remembers the price of items that have sold out when you add new ones so I find it odd that when patterned sells out that it removes a price at all, worse is that it’s the price of the one that is still in the shop stand!

Funny thing is, it also did not present me with the option to even add the price, as if the game somehow did not recognise it was in there. Had to remove it from stand and then re-add in order to be able to set the price again.

Happened with more than 1 shopstand actually…

I haven’t been able to reproduce this on my own Shop Stand setup. What are the coordinates of the affected Shop Stand(s)?

Okay, here I’m standing on top of the shop stand.

I did of course what I said, removed it, then added it back and set a price.

In mean time it has been sold as well…

had that with your cool grey and dark grey concrete, @AeneaGames …I bought the pattern type ok but wasn’t able to buy normal…showed as 0c then disappeared when looking at stand, as your pics show.
went back next day and was able to buy it.

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I saw this for the first time when I visited the shop yesterday

Thanks for the coordinates. I’ll add this to the database.

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