Should block placing speed count for seeds?


I’m starting to find it pretty tedious how slowly you place seeds.

Tending to my farm takes up a lot of time despite having max dexterity and using mega fast brews. Is that just something that bigger farms should have to deal with, or should we be able to place seeds quickly with the builder’s guild buff?


What we need is a planter tool that can be loaded with seeds.

Can be forged with aoe (maybe even up to 5x5?), speed, etc.

I am finding I’m in the exact same situation.

I have cobbled together a ‘harvester’ that works well, but a specific tool that can be forged for that (or a harvester boon) would also be very useful.


Maybe a seed spitter!


Like a machine gun, squeeze a spitter full of seeds and they shoot out (of which orifice, you can decide) into the ground!


Was thinking the same thing, convert seeds into ammo, lock and load, pew pew 9 ammo for patches of 3x3 (or something like that).

That would be great, or if we could simply forge tillers with AoE and durability etc. since they are the most safe to use. After let’s just say a few too many igneous-stone-producing accidents, I made a few topaz axes since they deal the least damage to soil and gravel, but it would be great if I didn’t have to worry about wrecking my farm to begin with.

Right now I’m also thinking about giving others access to my farm, so there’s another reason I would absolutely love locking options like for example to “lock” everything in the beacon except crops.

Too bad they already used the design for fertilizers!


I went with wood axes, aoe 4, speed 4 and energy saver 3.

This means with my farmer build (max speed, no axe skills) I get max hits per second with a speed brew, no energy drain (no need for starberry pie, can go with persisting instead) and no potential structural damage!

Can swing away like a crazy person.

Only issue is low dura, and can go through 1-2 per harvest, depending on what’s ready.


Why too bad? They already have a design to use, just needs testing and implementing. :grin: