Should I wait or start now (a small... project...)

I started this in MC awhile back; however Id like to create this in a nicer looking world.

[Soul Blazer Project][1]

Is this something I could do in oort? If so… which server or how could I get started :smile:


Of course you can do this in oort and so much more. Let yourself get inspired by the worlds.
I suggest you travel a bit and look around on servers to see which one you like the best :slight_smile:

All but the ladders are currently possible in Oort, beyond that the server you want is largely dependent on the color scheme you want in the natural environment.

Okay, I’ll take that suggestion today; explore some servers tonight :smile:

I’ve been watching the development of the game for some time now, and decided today was the day to start backing it and get into the game play!


Welcome aboard, matey!

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Thanks! the worlds seem a bit empty often (void of players) Which I don’t mind. Some very interesting structures :smiley:

It’ll be hard to pick one!

Welcome =D

I guess since it’s pre-alpha and very little features not many people play it. Only builders play it atm.

What region do you intend to play on? If you’re on EU, I can show you around on Cshrime :slight_smile:

@Cirlex I can understand that. I’ve seen some places just exploring and some places via YouTube > > > Amazing work !

@Lilem I’m still not sure, Personally I’d get the best on East Coast Servers (latency is at 40ms on those servers) Central is around 100 - 180 ms and the others Im sure is around the same.

If I’m to build some stuff from another game into this one, I’d need a “Mid-evil” style world for this to fit in with its theme. I’m not even sure if it would be a project worth taking on in this game since the way it’s played will be different. BUT I will still try it out to learn about Oort :smiley:

Are we talking about Europe or the US? We have East, Central and West servers in Europe too :smile:
Anyway, I suggest you to start right now, there’s really no point in waiting. You can experiment freely while infinite blocks are a thing (toggle “i”), because I’m sure this will get removed at a later date.

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Very true! US (I’m in Canada, so US East Cost is the best I can get :smile: ) Infinite blocks :smiley: I’m happy that’s a thing.

Well I started playing on US West server Lemde which is pretty developed and has constant players, but later I started getting 250+ ping there (reasonably) and had to stop. You can just jump on US servers that suit you ping-wise and choose the one that appeals to you the most :slight_smile:

I think I’ve found a spot/server :smile:

I actually have a few ideas for what I want to do, But i’ll need help eventually setting it up. this game is very well suited to help me design what I wan :smiley: I’m pretty damn excited.

I’ll be sure to start taking screenshots of progress. Playing on Yugen.


This server is nice and there are some active players there if I remember correctly :slight_smile: Welcome again and good luck!