Should there be dual wielding in Oort?

There are a lot of RPGs where the player can dual wield,Sky saga,Blood Born,etc…I think that Oort online should be one of those games.It would be useful in so many different ways,for example(using a Grappling Hook and a sword to fight the protectors,or mining with a torch in one hand and a pic. In the other.Comment below if you agree or desagree.


Honestly I can’t see a good original titanfighting without dualwielding^^ Who doesn’t want to fight a Titan Attack on Titan style^^

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Couldn’t have said it better.

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Hell yeah, dual wield is a must in a game, sadly many doesnt do it, lets take it one step further!

this kinda ties into the subject too


Though with standard voxel building controls, it would be hard to nail down :frowning:

It depends on how you implement it but if mc can do it, Oort can do it better^^

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I guess you’re right. That phrase has worked so far :wink:

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Sky saga’s dual weilding is so chunky, like mobile game chunky :house: i have a feeling dual weilding here will be better fast paced XD

The best dual wielding/ambidextrous system I´ve seen so far is that from Skyrim because it´s not too complex but still a lot of fun.

So :+1: for dual wielding.


It’s something we’ve been considering for a while. We’ve got a pretty tight design for it, just not gotten around to it yet.


Glad to hear that. This is one feature that could make or break the game for me.

I agree with Vastar,in Skysaga each hot bar had two slots. One for one iteam and one for another. I think it could work in Oort.

Really? i hated it, i thought it was so poorly done, but i guess its a matter of opinion >.<

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Really?,what part did you hate,yes it wasn’t the best the best looking dual system I’ve ever seen,but it got the job done.

i never felt like i was dual wielding or using my weapons in a good way, but rather than i just fought using 1 sword at a time. i see dual wielding as always using both of your weapons, so i liked ESO’s way of doing it more where you hit with both swords when you use standard attack. but its a matter of opinion.

so in short i dont think systems where you use each sword individually is good dualwielding, cause it would be the same as just using 1 sword.

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To be fair. Most of two sword combat is one sword after the other. But I know what you mean^^

yeah done right, but in skyrim it always felt like ‘‘left left left left, right, left’’ kinda style, to me the only thing that made it dual wield was teh powerattack, i would rather have had htem combined so when attacking it automatically did, left, right, slam attack, eso style

can be seen how he constantly switches weapon.

to be fair, i might just have completely messed up dual wielding in skyrim, but it never felt satisfying to me which is why i didnt bother using it alot even though i love it, i tried it once to do dual wield katanas and it felt so pathetic.

so i think dualwielding should be in the game no doubt, but i personally wouldnt want to see each weapon on seperate hands (left click for left weapon, right click for right weapon) but rather see both being used in a combo.

EDIT: or like tera’s warrior class.

I thought skyrim had left right left right doubleslash (it was that wasn’t it?^^) but I could remember it wrong.
To me it still looks pathetic in ESO xD but the tera gameplay looked interesting. Although, we can’t expect something like that in Oort it’s a good guideline.

What do you think about the MH dualwielding? I remember it as pretty fun but can’t recall the details^^

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never played monsterhunter so i cant tell you tbh.

also ESO was kinda limited in the way that it had to look ‘‘realistic’’ somewhat, tera on the other hand had NO such quirks, and every single attack was a flashy as they could possibly be XD

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Ok,I can see where you’re coming from,but with the Oort shards that are going to be put in,it could work. If you have a Amber sword with a bow with blue shard arrows(teleportation) then you could have a HUGE advantage in a PvP,or Titan boss battle. Mining with torches,farming with water and a green shard(life,growth).