Should there be dual wielding in Oort?

step back, this is an idea made by one of the community members, this is in no way confirmed to work like that, also the comment is in the wrong post i think or it is just put it gramatically wrong

this makes no sense, so please, try again :smile:

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That sums it up pretty good^^

MH4 gameplay:

They did add some things since I last played. But it looks even better now^^

Yeah, as i said, anything where you are not doing skyrim leftclick for left weapon right click for right, atleast to me as system like this seems and feels much more satisfying and much more badass, although not as realistic.

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Ok,let me use my words a bit better. I must have been mistaken about the shards. Even then,if that were to be put in the game,still a HUGE advantage. What I meant by"Amber sword" is any sword. I thought that putting a hard substance in front of the word sword, would make sound better. Not that Amber is something that will be in the game. Going back to the shards,because I was mistaken the “bow with blue shards” which didn’t make much sense I see. What I meant is based off the info. I got from where ever, the blue shard was the shard of teleportation. So if you have “blue shard arrows” you could teleport. I apologize for the mistakes I’ve made. I hope I’ve made what I meant to say even more clear.

My votes go for Skyrim, Dishonored, and Bioshock 2 for the best dual wielding

Yes,Bioshock is the best game!!! Next to Oort of course.

I hated the dual weilding when I tested SkySaga, but I love the concept of dual wielding.

Yes,dual wielding is a great idea. I only said Skysaga because it had DW,not because I think Oort should model after it. Remember,if they can do it Oort can do it better.

Agreed! I think this doesn’t have to be combat based/limited either. For example, pickaxe and torch at the same time, or stairs and wooden bock for construction, its just a handy feature to make stuff easier without constantly switching back and forth between the same two items. Definitely a must for any modern game now.

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This is just what need to be said.

i felt that just about anything about sky saga was underwhelming… i kinda like the timebased crafting and the progression system, but in terms of combat and enemies it felt like a dumbed down MC

also another thing that is good about skysaga was that you could have 2 things in each hand as long as it made sense, that system i also really liked, but i dont think that should be considered dual wield, i know this sounds weird but i think the best dualwield system in my eyes would be combining 2 1hand weapons into one item, so a sword and mace into ‘‘sword and mace’’ which counts as 1 item but works as a ‘‘2hand’’ that way the system have could have specific attacks for dual wield weapons rather than have it be the ‘‘left click left attack, right click right attack’’ system, which it might be, and might work, i personally doesnt like it cause i personally find it to remove the awesome flashy attacks that dual wield can do.


I don’t think we should be able to use two of the same thing at once, but 2 different things that you feel can go together. It’s like Bioshock with guns and plasmids, or Dishonored with your sword and other gear - these games let you “Dual-Wield” per say, but rather than combining their powers for you, they give you them as a resource, and it’s up to you to figure out how to use all of your gear efficiently.

So what I’m trying to say is that in Oort, we shouldn’t be able to use just a sword, rather a sword and a shield. We shouldn’t use a simple pickaxe, but a pickaxe and a torch. We shouldn’t use just a chisel, but a chisel plus a pickaxe or a grappling hook.

However, I do think that dual-wielding overall translates better to gamepad controls, so I think it would be hard to find something comfortable to work with using a KB+M, and as I said earlier, it’d be even more challenging fitting it all in with voxel controls.


Alright,this might please everyone, I think we should have a button(F2,F3+)to enable DW. That way if you like to DW,you can and if you don’t,then don’t.

Just saying, I really hate using any of the function buttons because sometimes they’re bound to something else I use as utility (steam interface, screenshots, etc.), they’re kind of inconvenient to move your fingers all the way off the WASD keys, and some people use keyboards that you have to hold down Fn to just press the function buttons. I would rather settle for the X key or something else around the WASD area.


Ok,I meant just one button,it doesn’t have to be the F3. Just a button

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‘‘Dual wielding is using two weapons, one in each hand, during combat’’
from wiki

that is sword and board, common in games, have nothing to do with dualwield. also why wouldnt you allow people to use 2 of the same thing? as i mentioned i have talkeda bout using 1 thing in each hand it would be badass if you could have 2 pickaxes to dig twice as fast if that is what you wanted.

none of what you are talking about is dualwield, none, if anything it is closer to ‘‘companion weapons’’

and by official definition as i wrote about, its not dual wield if its not weapons xD

EDIT: another thing that is a bit tricky about this subject to me is that i really want dual-wield, but i would also for once love to see fighting with only 1 hand sword and not using a shield or another weapon to be a viable method of combat, but that usually doesnt happen in games, which is a bummer.

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If you had two swords in each hand,you could kill enemies twice as fast.

In terms of real life that is faulty logic by far, in terms of game, it would indeed need some balancing, which is why i recommended that you could combine 1hand weapons into a dualwield set, that way the stats could change,basically having 2 swords would allow you to swing faster, but you would also lose some of the power in your swings resulting in less dmg.

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I understand what you mean. What I meant as dual-wielding was Companion weapons I guess, using a sword with a power or something, rather than using two of the same thing. While I see that it would be pretty cool to have double weapons, I was just using Dishonored and Bioshock as interesting examples of how you can use both hands in combat, and seeing how that could be applied to Oort.

Indeed, 1hand for sword and 1hand for spell is also a cool way of fighting, although rarely done right.

i personally hope that we get sword and board though, but it might be too mainstream for the devs to add, they seem very intend on not making it a standard game with standard ideas.

another fighting style which i kinda like is 1sword and 1 gun, it looks so cool if done right.


or a bit more badass, gun swords!

but ever so slightly offtopic compared to the discussion (although having a gunsword would be god damn epic)