Show me your ceilings!

No shot atm sorry nothing really finished :wink:.
But i can say almost every block i place is or
will be chiseled.

That said there are good inspiration shots here might take some inspiration of these as well :wink:

Such awesome responses!! Thank you all so much, you’ve all given me the inspiration i needed!


Some amazing builds in this thread! I want to be just like @Apt when I grow up. :blush:


Those are kind words :grin: im thinking;
Step 1 find house
Step 2 kidnap him
Step 3 Make him build for me
Step 4 take credit

One problem is he the right one to kidnap or did these steps happen before :grin:

Think it would be easy tough only need a gold chisel to make him follow you.

(Love ya @Apt :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:)

Let me in on this ^^ pretty proud of my library ceiling.