Show me your goodies!

What is everyone out there working on? Built something amazing and want to show it off? Show it off to me!

Post screenshots here, & feel free to include world and coordinates so people can visit.

  • 1 image per build if you can help yourself! (for easier browsing)
  • give credit where credit is due
Ive done some more work, but check that out for now… :smile:

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I like that onion top sir.

Hi guys

Me and my friend jakog7 build a nice fortress in folva.
We already connected it to the capital of folva just spawn there and go south to the lake theres a loooonnnggg road you cant possible miss it :smiley:
For the other guys our coordinates are -400, 100, 1000
Feel free to drop by whenever you want :smiley:

yours Tura and Jakog


Still a work in progress…


Ok I consider the two lower ones done… one in the back still needs some work.

** @james - I’m gonna need some stackable fences to do those finishing touches :stuck_out_tongue:


Where’s the torch keeping them in the air?


How far are you guys with the fixing of the “oortonline not responding” bug?

wow thats amazing… very nice!

@fabulaus can you keep it relevant to the topic in the title?


A new (very small) build in Ruchs (near Capital).

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Another shot. Also, for some reason, my number keys suddenly started changing the sun position… @BmaL was that global??

Edit: okay, last one for tonight. @ben you might consider setting blocks around water to grow higher grass by default, it looks amazing!!


For the first time in forever…! Oh, not that movie? Ok…

A port on gasan actually looking for people who build to a theme, :slight_smile:

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I love that you built those over the lake so we can see reflections!

I didn’t notice anything at the time, I’ll keep a conscious eye out for your sun god powers next time.

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No its not global, it just changes locally. Ctrl+1-9 changes the time for you.
edit:when I say locally I mean on your PC.

So what you’re saying is that we all have the blood of a sun or time god running through our veins? Not only can we carve through mountains and use their remains to build glorious structures, we can also manipulate our own isolated bubble of time and space.
Now that I know this it will make things much more interesting.

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