Show off your ultimate workshop (update versions now :))

only the finest materials are used in this build
titanium pots and a double 9sparkcore system :sunglasses:
air vents for the machine fumes
and copper roof for tech feel lolz
and it fits in 4plot if you like to have one :smile:

post your workshop pics here to i love to see them :grin:


Good stuff!
I love the roof.

I love my workshop too!
I’m really happy with it:

Entrance from Mainstreet

Full look around:

Crafting tables for stone (left) and wood (right)

Mashines and spark system nicely submerged and connected in the basement.

View and Reach’s streets.

Tools and mats of daily usage for easy access.

The Forge

I love the carpet. :sparkling_heart:

Main storage is right upstaris:

The view while crafting is nice :wink:

View from the sea side

Bonus Pic:

My very first Boundless Workshop in Everlook!
( Yes, it’s so small, it fits in one screen :blush: )


My very first …

But this one is now my main one)


My longstanding workshop in Miner’s Bluff…

and the new compact basement workshop in Anoobis…


My current machine room. Soon to be replaced by something bigger, that I will present here as well.

only 1 core but I find it enough in most cases; between 2 and 6 machines of each type (depending on how often a type is used, so for example only 2 mixers but 6 compactors); 19 machines in total; everything efficiently aligned to minimize use of cords:

central aisle and one type of machines grouped together let me quickly place mass orders in a few machines:

I used some nice materials and put gleam to use for lighting - always thinking that even functional parts of settlement should have good look too.

Work benches and furnaces on the sides of the room, placed in front of the machine set up. Won’t bore you with screenshots of those. The wall opposite the machine set up has storage blocks built in:


This is just my current temporary setup while I dig out the location for my REAL workshop.
super compact and minimal cords. 12 cords, 16 cores.
Oh! and the corners are reserved for the new forges :smiley:


hiya heres my new workshop wip
mainly focussed on potions:brews and decorative items

please post your wonderfull workshops to i would love to see them

my workshop uses a powercord system
so i can put machines on the network in place off boxes to craft ingredients in personal machines with small item display above them
cuase its so freaking complicated but im loving it great job devs awesomness :sunglasses:


We were sick of everyone building their own Production, so we made a Guild Factory :stuck_out_tongue:


beautifull but managing that i hope you got a goodsystem :smile:

Needed more room for storage and workshop space, so I extended the vault out a bit. Was caught off guard by the increased cost for refined stone. So, now I’m off to mine out a planet…

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what stone ya need?
discord me :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to manage it with the Factory Chart, but no one used it (not even me), so we just started to Throw every Craft Job in my Chars Face. I stay home and Craft and the Others do what they want, its a Win-Win Situation :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been steadily expanding, what once was, my compact basement workshop in Anoobis…

It’s in the process of being expanded from 4 plots, to a monstrous 28 plots, just to accommodate all the new things!!


I love the use of the new woods there :+1:

Got tired of the leaf roof on the top floor, and the lower floor not being lite properly. So, I got my butt in gear and fixed it. Now, I just need to resort my items, and then start gathering up the stuff to make it into a proper workshop.


im at reorganisation number 6 good luck :smile:

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