Show Profit on Empty Shop Stands


So when facing The shop stand it will display the amount of coin to collect while you still have items for sale in it.
However when the stand empties you can no longer see the coin to collect until you click on the stand.
Can this get updated so we can see the coin to collect even though the stand is empty while we are hovering over it.


This has been discussed a lot, with some interesting ideas. But at the moment we just click for profit :expressionless:


This thread should probably have a “suggestions” tag.

I believe that is a purposeful choice, though I don’t know the reasoning. I agree with you 100%


Edited to the Suggestions tag and made the title more clear.


Thankyou lol


Yes please, its super annoying to go through all the empty stands over and over.


So much yes!


We have taken note of this and have added the information onto the Shop Stands, so it should be there in an upcoming update.


Thankyou very much