Showing server populations in listing

Instead of simply saying ‘Quiet’ (all the servers always say ‘Quiet’ - I’ve never seen anything but ‘Quiet’ :slight_smile: ) can you guys please just show a player count for a given server in the list?

It’s so hard to find other players in-game, and knowing where people are helps bring us together a lot more.


  • Dave

This was already suggested before :smile:
Also if you wanna play with other people, You could help building the universal capital city

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It does feel a bit silly at the moment, though I think (and I say think because this is not exactly confirmed) that they went with non-definitive terms so as to help everybody spread out through the worlds more evenly rather than flock to the highest populated server every time the numbers change a bit. You can still see how many people, as well as who is in a world using the debug screen “.”

Nah, they actually keep saying ‘‘oh yeah ofc, we will add it in the next patch’’ and then kinda never does.