Side Project: Ruchs Lecture Hall

All players are cordially invited to the grand opening of the Academy Lecture Hall on Ruchs!

• Stadium seating for large audiences
• Raised platform for lectures, interviews, plays, etc
• 2 massive projector screens
• State-of-the-art gleam lighting

Located at Ruchs (-280, 80, 8). Use the side entrances.

View from main entrance
First row seats! @Grey707 modeling.
Platform closeup
View from platform
Sitting at the desk
In the audience
Ceiling detail

Now booking for all theater performances, late-night shows, group events, company parties, and Mario Kart competitions.

See you on Ruchs!


I really like what you have done here!


That looks great! It could almost be a rendering of an architectural design! It’s very professional looking!


That is incredible. I thought they were real-life photos on first glance


I took a look over there, an awesome piece of work buddy. Good Job! May I ask how do you do such huge structures? In minecraft I used to go on fly and creative mode, is there something similar to that in Oort Online?

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waaaiiiiit… if this is the side project… what the hell are you doing for main o.o


This could be the new set of Oort Night for @ConflictNerd ??

Pretty cool!


With audience! Yay!


Ha YES! @ConflictNerd you need to film an episode with a crowd!!


i would be up for it.

I’m not sure how they do it in Ruchs, but I’ve been using the Lamp blocks to build temporary platforms to where ever I need to stand so I can place the blocks I need to. Then it’s very easy to simply get rid of the lamps and leave what’s left.

@PharaohNai Be sure to use ‘i’ for infinite block mode. And like @Larfleece said; use Lamp blocks as scaffolding - they provide light AND they are very fast to remove.

@Lilem @james @ConflictNerd Let’s fill the seats and do a live Oort Night sometime!!

@Squidgy The advanced per-pixel lighting man. It’s crazy.

Thanks everyone!! Seriously feel free to use it XD


late night with canfooy and goji! lol we were there wile you were finishing up :slight_smile: looks awesome

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Looks like it’s rendered in a animation program or something o_o
Great job!

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I would certainly show up for that

perfect stage for a talk show ^^

Live episode, live crowd… Hmm. That could be done some time! :smile:


that would be awesome! count me in!! and Great Job @DarkRepulsor :smiley: