Sigh (help us report these videos as spam!)

Guys ive went on youtube to find vids of oort and these have popped up


But how would you play it without buying an account? :kissing:

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i know its tthe fact we know its viruses but people who dont have the game dont know that

Reporting them as spam en masse would be super helpful, I’ve been doing this


i will start tomorrow im on a very crappy laptop with missing keys and ill be getting my pc back tomorrow so will do

Reporting the channels would be a good idea as well. They seem to be nothing but ripped off games.

#GO TEAM :no_good:


People with this search you can find most of them

Thanks for that, Kerpie. Awarded you the Supernova badge for being cool :sunglasses:


YUS Thank Yall

Welcome to the club :wink:

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why thank you

The Problem here is easy, youre abel to make up to 100 Channles with 1 Account so even if an channle gets blocked that single idiot has 99 another onew with wich he uploads this freaking video… You cant do much about it but report. And it might delete some of the videos, but they will never dissapear.

More than half of the “users” are at least suspended for the time being. The key is to make it too annoying to keep any channels up containing that video. Mass reporting can work just as well as reuploading :wink: as frustrating as it may be.

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