Sign bug with new update

Second line on the sign doesn’t work

I deleted and retyped the text as well and same thing happened

I think that’s just a side effect of the profanity filter, when it detects profanity across a line break it gets rid of the line break when it replaces with stars.

Real issue is the profanity filter not working properly on your sign.

Tho it only seems to be this sign for me. I have a few others with multiple lines tho they are not copper signs

What profanity? Baskets? Lol it worked fine before update

Err the numbers since baskets came back lol

If you put a bad word on a sign it will show up with stars in place of the bad word. But the algorithm to detect bad words often makes mistakes and identifies things as bad words that aren’t. They have been trying to tweak it to avoid this, tagging @james

So something is telling the game my numbers are a bad word :joy:

There’s nothing bad about them, but in any case, it’s a bug, so thanks for the screenshot. It’s been added to the database.

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If I put the numbers after baskets it comes up fine

Yeah the weird profanity filter cause some issue.

If you wrote “T1+ World” it trigger the filter as well. Need to wrote “T1 + World” to get it working.

I killed your compact hard coal stand again last night figured let you know in case you haven’t seen

Lol thanks I saw. Takes forever to make more you know. But glad someone enjoys my cheap coal prices.

I buy it whenever it’s up haha