Sign issue bug maybe?

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when i type out 71-72 on a sign it shows up as this

ive typed it 10 times over and same result…when i go on to the next set 73-74 i have no issue. or sometimes i type 71-72 then in greys out the confirm

The bad word filter getting you… not sure why though… but it is super sensitive and even filters the games own messages at times.


13375P34k m8

Thanks for the report and screenshot showing another example of text being censored incorrectly. These have been added to the bug database.

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typing 240 on a sign also gets greyed out

Looks fine on my end. What does it look like on a sign in your case?

the 240 sign was fine it .it showed 240 on the sign but there was a few cases it was graying out where it wouldnt let me hit confirm

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