Simple question


Although I can probably guess the answer already…is it feasible to build a mall on circa 1? Cinsidering it needs 1 SP into atmospheric protection would that be a big detract for potential customers??

If it is I’ll just build it elsewhere ofc. Start small add space if needed.


You would be limiting your customers, but if you put a large push for end game shops, it might work. Stuff like forges and rare loots. But doubt youll grow to a very large size. best to pick a lvl 2 or 3 planet. easier portals. More new customer/shop potential. and i would look around and find a region that has the least malls/markets.


With the new planets coming out this year I imagine their will be a large population that is going to migrate to higher tier planets. With that being said however new players will not be able to access the mall till after a little while of playing.


i appreciate the wisdom. The cons i expected though the pros i didn’t expect.