Since We are Raising the Dead Today


How about a throwback to when Boundless was called Oort Online, and I still waiting for Mr. Pig to make an appearance in the game. Time: 2:40

This trailer is what made me instantly back the game, and I have enjoyed the ride since. :heart:


I would love to see some behind the scenes videos of progress with development of the game in present. what developer do i need to PING to get this to be come a part of dev diaries!


Very cool! :sunglasses: I wish I had known about it early on too… I came in blind with the PS4 launch.


Same for me… wish I had done the PC version… so many cool enhancements


Would love to have this


hell yes. im still waiting for the weather effects like this thunderstorms blasts. Hey @james when we get this? :smiley: and other races?


Bring out your dead! [Rings bell through the streets]




I’m glad you caught it. :joy:


Big fan ;3


What else you guys and gals got?? Loving this post!


It really surprised me to find out about the development history. I was one who didn’t know about it (boundless) until I saw it advertised on PSN. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.


Totally agree!
I would loooove to have some short dev diaries (shorter than this video), maybe once a month, or once every two months, I don’t know. It would help with the engagement.


Wow, that trailer actually shows exactly what I spent hours trying to track down; The backer tiers.

However, it did make me realise something;


What wearable? I don’t see any ‘craftable’ wearable for Wayfarer in-game, but do see the Weapon, it naturally being the Totem. :thinking::open_mouth:


The Adventurer’s Mask is the exclusive wearable for adventurer and above. It’s not craftable though und unlocked from the start.

Also, backer tiers changed a bit over the years:


Oh, I didn’t actually realise the mask was the wearable. :joy: My bad.

Thank you, though; That’s the exact image I spent so long searching for.


That was super cool to watch! Thanks for sharing! :blush:


Mr.pig was our first hostile mob. He claimed the lives of many afk lester blocks. I personally made a petition to save the mo’pig from oblivion, but despite my best efforts it seems to have been forgotten to history.


RIP Mr.Pig I will remember you deep in my heart.


Me too, in fact I was bought the game as a gift! Best gift ever :heart:

But it means I have very few expectations and every addition is a bonus!