Single player for this game would be EPIC!

As much as I love using internet 24/7 I am very limited to using it these days, I literally can only play for 1 hour a day and for Boundless that hour feels like a second, and I like typing so (lol) on that part, but I hope that they will add single player at least in the end of next year, but then they might need to make a copy building block or dupe gun or something… I also want some ideas on what people think of Boundless’s future, I mean they did a great job don’t get me wrong but we are just as human as they are we all make mistakes and I have a feeling that that mistake is going to the end of Boundless for a long…long time.Just to make sure you might under stand my point there was a Lego game a while back it was my dream come true it was Lego mixed with boundless( even though boundless didn’t come out till 2 years later…maybe even longer) it was Amazing graphics and some good MMO stuff and it’s name was Lego universe and look where it ended up, the trash no one seems to recall it’s existence but the thing that drove it to the ground was the fact that there was no single player more then 60% of players actually asked there to be a single player and the company refused now it’s deleted, no where to be found and I hope the same won’t happen to Boundless. P.s. if you read it to this far I like you :smile:. Also I re read the thing 3 times and noticed I’m actually very annoying and I don’t get to the point :sweat_smile:.

My recommendation would be to play modded minecraft.

for me all systems in the game should be centered around the game BEING an online game, if they have to compromise since they know solo play would have to be a thing, i feel that it would suffer greatly. this is my biggest argument why i think singleplayer and multiplayer games should be seperate, always, those who try to do both does at best fail at one of them, at worst fail at both.


Yea… I don’t think it needs a singleplayer but I think they said they’d eventually do it. But at the end of the day it’s still an MMO so that takes priority.

edit. multiplayer -> singleplayer

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seem legit :stuck_out_tongue:


Well… now it isnt called ‘‘Oort online’’ anymore i guess its fair game to remove the multiplayer XD


Well, with having the option to have dedicated servers there will be some kind of “singleplayer mode”, but not any special quests or tasks for it. Just like MC … same game, no metter if alone or in a group of players. But I also hope that most ppl will be in the online universe and play it as a mp game :wink:

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I played solo most of the time since i purchased a copy of the game. Sometimes (very seldom) a char appears and it is very surprising. It actually is very fun to see another char swing around tower with the grapple hook - it looks dynamic. I believe in multiplayer it could turn out quite woozly :))

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They said that privatly run servers is going to happen, that could technically be used for singleplayer.

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Singleplayer yes, Offline playing no^^ Unless you run the server on your PC.


Well that was what I was thinking :wink:


But they’d have to put effort into making a server they can distribute so you can run it on your own machine.
That’s what I meant with they’d eventually do it^^

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When I first saw the trailer I was like “HOOOOOLLY F**KKKING S*IT, this looks like my next greatest buy, i might actually dumb my girlfriend!!”. Just kidding on the girlfriend part! damn, never would i. but for me it looks/promises that much. when i saw it was like an mmorpg(24/7 sever) i was even more excited. that feature is like 40% of my “looking forward” for this game. Singleplayer for me is not that much great for a sandbox game. a sandbox game for me is sharing, creating and adventuring together. When i had minecraft and i was trying to figure out how to play LAN with a not so official version(dont worry devs, i fully support this game, i will buy it) it took me 2 days and i was soooo satisffied i could play with my friend.

concluding, single player for me wouldnt make the slightest difference, i wouldnt even play it, only if it gave perks on the online feature.


Without reading any of the other comments: Single player in this game would be boring! Trust me I like you guys, if you wanna play let me know. Building by myself is slooow and boooring. But really if I can just gather a crowd of you guys…

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The pre-alpha as it stands right now, there’s not a lot to differentiate the online from a theoretical offline version, but the 1.0 version of Boundless simply wouldn’t work effectively as an offline game (economy, trading and players are a huge part of what will make the game tick).

That said, if you want to emulate single player you’ll be able to find a corner of a world and not interact with anyone (or rent a sever and keep it private, a whole world to yourself).

I’m not sure the failure or Lego Universe was simply that it was online only (World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and every Minecraft server seem to be doing pretty well!).

Simply put, if we were to dedicate time and resources towards an offline version it would be significant, and we’d rather spend that time on making awesome sandbox features and mechanics!


Given that the game is designed for many players - I don’t see why we shouldn’t also consider the option of independent play (where many is indeed = 1). There is nothing wrong with players wanting to play independently online, or independently on their own world, or even independently in an offline environment. Clearly this independent configuration will not take advantage of many of the multiplayer features. But even then - why not.

The more interesting question is what would be different about a single player version of Boundless?

If (as @ben alludes to) the cost of implementing pure single player features is considerable then we will need to focus on the core game. But if they’re cheap - why not.

Also, I’m pretty hopeful that the modding APIs will allow players to make new things from the game + engine. Maybe single player is a good place for mods to deliver what is wanted.


Your one in a thousand dude

Hmm, don’t think so. I believe that there are many people who like to play mc alone and hope for a similar mode for B<. Also some people would like to have a creative mode in the final version. Never underestimate the silent horde of offline players out there … Once, I was one of them, and I know others who still play offline and want to do the same with B< :wink: