Single player worlds.(and things concerning them)

I know its a question that has been asked by many but I have had an idea. Why not have single player versions of world that already exist i.e. why not be able to play eisa as it originally was? So basical, you could play on eisa and other worlds by yourself as they where before everyone built stuff on it or after, if you like!

We’d have to build an offline mode essentially, and the benefit to us doing that (against the amount of effort required) isn’t clear. Oort Online is an MMO, so multiplayer is always our focus :thumbsup:

But, there’s always going to be clear land on online worlds to explore (we’ll be reserving it in the future so worlds don’t get completely full).

The world builder at some point will fulfil this in a way, you’ll be able to explore worlds locally before they get put live.


Will the world builder be a paid or free product after the game is released? :lester:

Paid I think
You can purchase it now by buying the dlc :slight_smile:

We can always release the world configurations for the current worlds for you to play with. Once the modding tools and server are publicly available you can then play with the worlds on your own terms.