Single thread for tracking connection issues

I think many connection issues go unreported. I think it might be good to have a single persistent thread just for reporting connection issues. Not for complaining or suggestions, just maybe a single line saying where you are playing from, what planet or region you are having issues with, if any other regions are fine. This way maybe we can identify trends / groupings of issues to narrow down fault sites if they exist.


I will start it off.

I am playing from Asia. All day today has been unstable connection to Aus server planets but other regions seem fine.

Im from Asia too!
AUS servers seem badly responding to me lately, about a month and still going on.
They were 110ms stable for me a year ago, now they are 170+ and unstable, lag spikes , rubberbanding and random disconnect very often.

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Playing from South East Asia. Usually I have no problem on all planets (although I have below 200ms, its a green ping without any lag) but in the past 2 weeks, I have bad connection to other planets especially start with US East with ping random from 220ms to 400+ unplayable, then EU Central/US West with green to orange ping (210ms to 240ms), and lastly with just past few days, AUS - Lasaina (my home base) with 120-170ms and sometimes to orange ping, with unstable connection. There is once I have unplayable ping on Boori.

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I am playing from Chicago with Comcast and I am an… oh wait. I had some unplayable stutters on Tana and Kada around midnight Cst, but they only lasted 0.5 seconds each or so. I’ve been getting these unplayable stutters for the past 4-5 days.

I also had unplayable lag from 7pm to 1am on Eresho, as usual since October 2018 or so (it was fine from Sept to Oct 2018 iirc)

I play from California it was rare to see connection errors on Houches I all day yesterday grrrrr

Lasaina made me rekt today. Unstable 170, lagspikes and rubberbanding all the time.
I hope this is just small server’s issue which ez to be fixed, or I have to quit the game.

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I had issues again on Aussie planets in the evening yesterday.

So Asean people that had their “recommend region” was AUS region previously is now switched to US West instead - I bet its because the unstable pinging thing.
This is very strange. Could you take a look at the issue please, @lucadeltodecso ?

I am in South Korea and normally have the best connection to Aus and then second is US West, but this morning I made a new alt and got


Aus is by far the closest server to me, so should be the best connection and in the past it was… but lately it has been hit and miss. I am not sure what factors the game takes into recommending a region, but US East is really far from me connection wise.

And today, all EU planets decided to hate me, unplayable red ping all day. :sob:

This morning Aus server is still fine, but struggling bad with EU planets… namely the Exo. Spikes of unstable that force me to the sanctum.

This is a new one.


So running a tracert, everything seems normal (slow, but thats normal from South Korea to EU) but once it reaches the Amazon servers (52.93.) things go haywire.

I’m in Canada and always playing in Europe (Circapous), I’m having
huge Lag spike 90ms to 300+ ms since last night

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My friend is also having worst issue than me on circapous he sent me a picture of his ping, using Cogeco ISP in Canada also on Circapous:

\ ( ゚ヮ゚) /
500-1000ms in EU Central World
1000-25kms in US East World

Jump back to game to see if still bad connection, looks like I am now totally trap in Lasaina and other AUS , US West World.

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In case you see a “Fatal Error 32” when starting Boundless and playing on Steam:
There are currently problems with Steam in big parts of Europe.

I got the Fatal 32 error in Asia yesterday. Restarting steam fixed it for me fortunately.

Anyone else having issues in maryx?
@Coolpants what about you?