Site: Small change to the way goals work on

For clarity we’ve updated the goals section of our site to represent what’s live vs what’s in dev vs what’s unfunded. We’ll keep it up to date as we deliver releases.


Good idea. And what also would be handy is being able to see how what the total funding of a part of the game is.

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I like the idea, but the word choice is deceptive. “Live Now” vs “In Development” gives the consumer the impression its not in development anymore, or that it is finished. Users purchasing the game may be angry to find that there perception does not line up with reality.

I would recommend replacing “Live Now” with
“Early Prototype Implemented”

It is more accurate. It also sets reasonable expectations in the consumers mind, and still accomplishs the goal of communicating that features are being implemented in the game.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll consider making some of these changes.


Wait isn’t that at the top of the long scrolling page?

I think he want to know the single sums of all goals that are open to funding in the future… Or a goal which is to reach to get all current planned elements into the game.

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No, i mean the funding of, for instance crafting.