Skill generalisation: Is it even viable?

First off, hi! I’ve been lurking around for a while and dropping into the game from time to time since pretty early on, but now it’s out of early access I’ve dived in proper – so for all intents and purposes, I’m new. Only posted once before to sort out an account problem.

So there’s a lot I don’t get about the skill system, but one of the things that strikes me is it’s very difficult to have a generalised, ‘jack of all trades (but master of none)’ skill set. If you spec into combat (which seems mandatory, given the aggression and strength of creatures even on level 1 worlds), you get very little wiggle room for crafting, or building, or mining, etc.

Not only that, but it seems to very quickly get difficult to progress, as the objectives to get some of the machines (example: getting the tech components for the refinery) require you to go worlds with very hostile fauna, which given you’re doing this early on, probably with points in things that aren’t combat, seems offputting in a game mostly about building.

Now this could all just be me - I tend to slip very easily into depression, and when I’m depressed I find it difficult to feel I’m making progress in anything. In case it isn’t, though, I guess it would be good to start discussion about it.

Also feel free to correct me on anything; for all I know there might be tech components on level 1 worlds, and I just haven’t looked hard enough!

Thanks for reading!

Edit for clarification: I mean skill sets in the general sense, not the actual skillset mechanic.

The skill sets seem to work better when you specialize. I’ve found that it’s far easier to make one character per type of build. Once you get a second character, you can get a third or fourth very quickly. The skill sets tend to be specialist skill sets. I find that the one skill set that ramps up quickly and remains viable the longest is the hunter skill set. I’m currently running around on T3-5 planets with a slingbow, iron fist and some grapples. You have to go beyond level 1 worlds to really progress in getting a lot of the later game components and resources. A hunter with maxed power does ok at grabbing random resources on higher level planets even though that’s not the specialty. Let me know if I can help you out in any way. I’m on discord. Both the aquatoipa one and the official one.

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If you have alts, skillsets are ueseless.

It is faster to go from 1 to 50 once per alt , then 50-50 100 times x 2 for your main with 3 skillsets.

And you get more plots, and cubits.

There is no point at all to use only one toon. I hope they fix this issue.

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Oh – I forgot there are actually things called skillsets, I meant skill sets in the general sense. Will update the post to reflect that.

Get an Iron Fist and ignore all other weapons. Til you can make gold + and centrifuge stuff, Fisting mobs is the best way to go.

Get some Vitality and STR – that is all you need for combat up to level T3 planets (well 90% sure, every now-and-then a hard mobs comes and jacks me up).

Then pick something you want to focus on. Most solo players have 3 alts. 1 for crafting/portals/centrifuge, one for fighting mobs, and 1 for gathering.

You need to honestly – find some friends. Playing solo is a lot harder – unless you have alt heroes.

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Oh I would dispute that statistics. Solo players has as many alts as they need. Some has none, some has 2, some has 3, some has 7. Distribution depending on where you are in game and how much stuff are you willing to do yourself.
How you decided that most has 3 is beyond me.

Actually lets go with crafter/centrifurge.
You need at minimum cetrifuge alt level 17 and skills not really match with crafter (excluding mass craft).
You need crafter at around lvl 35 to properly craft/build stuff.
Crafter is only crafting or builder also?
Starts to get tricky and I would never make cetrifuge char builder/crafter too because i lack skill points for both professions.

I have 5, but I’m not normal.

Yeah I have a jack of all trades since I only play on 1 character. It works , but its not easy because i’m not fully leveled to 50, meaning less skillpoints. As for viability? Definately! I’m already at the power coil stage, so fully doable. I do bomb mining, I can kill some creatures on t5 worlds (maybe higher too) for blood and bones. And I can mass craft. Just everything, just not as fast or efficient as some other builds might do it, the trade off for immersion I guess :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I leveled my main to level 50 (just got 51 yay) by being a Jack of All Trades (minus crafting). He was a hunter, gatherer, miner, builder…I did have some crafting points early…but just made an alt and had them do crafting / centerforging.

If you are fine not mass crafting/building everything you can have a jack of all trades

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Tier 1+ has Tech Remnants, tier 3+ adds Tech Components, tier 5+ adds Tech Devices.

Tier 1 and 2 also has plenty of iron, but most people don’t mine enough in them to find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally, one can spec into Shadow instead of combat to greatly reduce the aggro distance on enemies by a fair bit, with a lower skill point cost, but I don’t know how effective that would be at tier 5+. Lower tiers it certainly would go a long way towards avoiding most combat if one is paying attention at the mob markers in the compass.

That would only cost 8 points in the Control stat, 5 points into Shadow Effect Epic (part of Epic 1 so available pretty early) and an optional 5 points into the “All Attributes” skill to fully max it.

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That’s not accurate.

A miner can double as a a low level hunter and doesn’t need more than 2-3 points in health and 4-5/5 in all stats bonus.

8/8 strength, damage epic. All you need to deal with is stout monsters. You’ll be avoiding fights in Tier 4 and 5 and 6 worlds but you’re a miner, you aren’t supposed to fight them.


As a point of reference, my main is a hunter/miner/gatherer/explorer. I think I’m 8/8 power, 8/8 dexterity, 4/8 agility, 2/8 vitality, 2/8 energy (at work can’t confirm). No slingbow mastery or anything, just raw stats. I can get along just fine on a T3 world, and have also made some expeditions to T4 worlds, as long as I’m careful about aggro it’s fine.

It depends a little on how comfortable you are with dodging mob attacks (agility helps). And you’ll need an iron slingbow for sure.

One final note - the refinery objective doesn’t actually require you to craft the refinery. It’s totally fine if you buy one from a shop and place it.

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