Skill Pages


So I just got my first skill page last night and was super jazzed to start putting points into it only to realize that I can only switch between skill pages every 15 minutes. Why is this limitation there? If I need to / want to do multiple things on one character I have to play for 1 hour and 15 minutes just to even be able to switch between all the skill pages if I had 5. It sucks because on my new skill page I put the skill to open portals then when I tried to switch back to do crafting I was stuck with a timer.

I feel like it forces people to play on Alts if they want to do things quickly because there’s no time limit to switching alts.


Change page in your home beacon and it is instant.


if you had a miner skill page and a hunter skill page, you would be able to constantly switch between efficient block breaking and fighting when attacked; this kind of easy switch was found to be OP and probably outclassing having multiple character (in this example, separate miner and hunter)

home beacon area allows you to switch instantly at any time, so at least its easy to have a multi-skill page crafter who can jump between needed skill sets when working at home base


I didn’t realize going into your home beacon removes the timer, I thought it was just everywhere. I’ll try this when I get home thanks !


Technically the timer stays. It’s just that you can switch as much as you want at your home beacon. But the cool down will still be there when you leave your home.