Skill Reset

This is a very basic question. What happens when you use up your 3 free skill resets? Can you still reset all your skills but it costs coin? or can I only reset individual skills from then onwards?

I thought I earned a skill reset every level but I don’t. That’s either because I am already lvl 50 and don’t gain them on 50+ or the skills reset I get are individual and not the entire tree.


you don’t gain skill resets upon level gain, you get 3 at first and then one per week after that.
They are currently reworking this whole system. you will be able to choose what you get when you gain a level (plots or something else, currently it’s plots)

okay thanks. I am sure its been over a week since I last checked and there was only 1 remaining… but I could be wrong so I will keep an eye on it. Thanks =)

Well you gain one respec point up to 3 max points every lvl eaven after lvl 50. thes points you can use to change one skill point and then you have the Full reset as @ctrl-64 said one per week


ah! I knew there was something I was forgetting :stuck_out_tongue: