Skull lanterns 1.25k each


I have enough seeds to make nearly 1000 skull lanterns. I would like to sell them for 1.25k each. Anyone interested? I will sell them in the slingbow depot.


Will you do custom order of a color of my choosing?


Can you make them different colors? If so yes.


Let me know if you need any more seeds. I think I have around 350 that I’d be willing to sell at the right price. :slight_smile:


Well ill see if these lanterns sell and i might.


Lol if those go for 1.5k im gonna be a millionaire


Lol… I was giving them away! Seemed rather useless to me. :weary:


I have one seed from that event that I got and didn’t know what it was at the time as I was new to the game.
It has your name on it!
Will drop it off to you or one of the Icons


My thoughts exactly


You can make different color flames in them. I bet green or red would look awesome. come on guys why so cheerful. Put skulls everywhere.


got some purple, green, and red going now


I wish you success in finding a market for them. I occasionally sell a few spooky seeds, but I’ve not sold lanterns at any point.


well the colored ones I made do light up the area pretty good with the color. I have 24 each of green red and purple at the slingbow depot hope portal in gyosha mall


ive invested in 50 giftboxes what those go for?
got 100 bouqets but illsit on them a while lol makes price go up :joy:


What color you need and how many?


Not to undermine you or anything, but 1.25k is kinda high compared to market average.

I might be interested if you can beat those prices listed there.


Just testing out the price. Im sure i will continue to lower them.


If you want to sell them for a price I can afford. I’m interested. I always need them for Reapers Respite. Donations also accepted. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::beers: