Sleepy Pine// Progress Thread //


ill be adding here progress of
new village located in Arie called

Sleepy Pine.

Personally i have always liked nature builds and when i saw this place i knew this could be a fun playground. Im still thinking what im doing and how im doing it.

One thing why i like tree houses and this kinda big trees is obvious.
Im a “freestyle” builder. I do not have a plan i go with the flow.

Atm i have around 300 plots worth of land or i guess trees (haha). Im still adding plots to this.

Here is some inspiration pics and how it could end up look.

Hope you enjoy this kinda thread!



Created “connector” tree to make it easier to move in the village. still wip.

heres some further away shot to see the size of it.

still heavily wip. needs some modelling

Edit. Gonna dump tree but keep the platform. I feel like it takes too much space from the beatiful environment.


Connector rdy. still details missing. And yes it rains like 23/24hours in Arie