Slingbow Depot: Now at Hive

Announcing the new Slingbow Depot.

What we offer:

24 types of Slingbows
3x3 Hammers,Axes,Shovels “Yes T6”
Food and Drinks
Fast Long Range Grapples
Healing Bomb,Damage,Regen
A few Augments.

All Gathering tools on sale tonight only.

New ways to get to the store. Floor 5 Ultima Mall.

See you soon.


Already bought a emerald crit, all the shield pies, an axe, and a shovel. Will probably see you soon

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And a bomb

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Come check out our Food and Brew selection.

Yep we made a bark farm outside… well inside kinda. look!

Its a good farm too. All 3x3 T6 Axes 7k each to celebrate. And goodnight.

oh please do regen :slight_smile:


We are having a really good sale on food and brews this weekend!

Most brews are 125 c.
Teaching pies are 225 c.
Persisting pies are 325 c.

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A few bows have been restocked.

The Gyosha PS Hub portal is now located on Biitula PS Hub. Right down from the fantasic Coal, Fuel & Metals Shop.


All food and brews on sale until they are gone. Enjoy.


No mega fast at this time.

still showing 200 persisting pies at 300c

Fast brews sold out already, there was about 300 or so of them. And the persisting pies were at 350 or 375 before sale.

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I’m loaded with pies or I would have bought half of them.

Sorry to miss the fast brews :slight_smile:

Mainly posted inventory to save some others the trip, and/or let them know there’s still cheap pies. Also there is tons of other stuff still in stock.

Thank you for that, I will go over and check the prices and stock and post for everyone. Thought about it earlier but didn’t get around to it. :slight_smile:

Nightstar if you can get back there in a few minutes I can put out a few more brews.

Lol, nevermind you are still standing there. :slight_smile:

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lol yep (10 chars)

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Right now we still have:

200 persisting pies for 300 each.
220 criticaling pies for 200 each.
220 floating pies for 200 each.
250 earthyam pies for 20 each.
160 shielding pies for 100 each.
225 meat pies for 20 each.
321 energizing pies for 45 each.
150 invigorating pies for 125 each.

Most brews are 120 each except:

Rage brews are 50 each
Reviver 75
Focus 70
Mega aggravating 80
Mega calming 85

All out of fast brews at the moment!

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I am working on them folks

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What’s the price point going to be on one of these

I’ve the same question tbh.

Not getting any feedback. Or offers heh.

I am holding the rift bows until another planet type comes out. They are not good on Rift worlds and dont want everyone wasting their coin.