Slingbow Depot Requesting Gems


Announcing Slingbow Depot. We have Fast flying, Long Range, and Multi shot slingbows for sale. All gem types. Enjoy. Located in the PS gyosha hub.


oops forgot 4 bows. in the forge now


I like how you organized the bow types.

Question, what does locks do to a shop stand? You want us to purchase?


lol I took the pictues before I took them all off. No more locks. Promise


I’ve been waiting for a store like this!


Enjoy :slight_smile: hope they are to your liking


Fast flying and long range bows 12.5k each. Multi shot 14k each.


Shop stands are stocked. Mini location in legendville mall. Also stocked.


really good look of the store and NO quirks


Do you have any defective stock for sale?
I’d love a diamond slingbow, but nowhere near being able to afford 10k


good news my friends I messed up

They are still pretty good. I will throw 125 extra damage 3 augments on them and have them for sale later. at the main store. 7k each. enjoy


All bows 9K today only at the main store. Located in the Gyosha Ophin PS Hub.


Yes all bows are 9k each today only.


next hour everything at the main store 7k

after that hour everything returns to original price.


Bought a few. Some real great slingbows in general - price was exceptional!


Thanks glad you are enjoying. Just put out some more ruby bows.


Thanks for being a little slow to end the sale!
My wife picked up a sweet little Diamond sniper slingbow with her last 7kc.
Really like the layout as well, the signs make it very easy for intermediate players to figure out what they may need, and might give newer players a reason to look deeper into the elements.


Nicely laid out store. FINALLY a good bow :slight_smile:


Alright got a video. 3 types of bows. T5 planet.


Testing something new out. I am requesting gems. I am hoping this will allow me to craft bows faster and maybe lower the price of the bows soon. 90 coins = Diamond, ruby, topaz, sapphire. 130 coins each Amethyst, Emerald.