Slingbow Depot: Requesting Green gleam 1k each


Announcing the new Slingbow Depot.

What we offer:

24 types of Slingbows
3x3 Hammers,Axes,Shovels “Yes T6”
Food and Drinks
Fast Long Range Grapples
Healing Bomb,Damage,Regen
A few Augments.

All Gathering tools on sale tonight only.

New ways to get to the store. Floor 5 Ultima Mall.

See you soon.



Already bought a emerald crit, all the shield pies, an axe, and a shovel. Will probably see you soon


And a bomb


Come check out our Food and Brew selection.


Yep we made a bark farm outside… well inside kinda. look!

Its a good farm too. All 3x3 T6 Axes 7k each to celebrate. And goodnight.

oh please do regen :slight_smile:


We are having a really good sale on food and brews this weekend!

Most brews are 125 c.
Teaching pies are 225 c.
Persisting pies are 325 c.


I would like to thank everyone who has supported the Depot since it has opened. I am currently working on forging to another level of gear. Hammers are getting a dura and damage upgrade. Grapples all around upgrade and bows will be better as well. I am going to keep my prices around the same even if the ranks are 30-50 ranks higher. I am joyed to supply everyone with the necessary items to succeed and that is enough for me.


full bows, come get ready for your weekend hunts.


Thanks everyone for wiping me out. lol Please give me a day or two to recoup.