Slingbows that people want

What type/boons do most people buy? Want to start forging again but don’t want to waste mats on bows people don’t want to buy. Can normally get 360-380+ bows easily. So basically what boons interest people the most?

Crit chance and effect is nice.
And action speed

I like damage, range, and durability. However… a good multi shot is pretty nice.

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Currently I use damage, crit effect and crit damage. But I’m thinking I want to try damage, multi shot and possibly crit damage

Love fast shooting, don’t know if that is muiti shot or not but would probably love it if not… Had made one, need to figure out how to do it again. Was on Cardass looking for can’t remember what it is called, the red glowly things you find underground in caves, LOL

Have a ruby bow and it has fast shooting and was attacked by two mighty spitters, they couldn’t even get a shot off my bow was shooting so fast I was able to move back and forth between the two and kill them.

I like long range also, it lets me get a shot off before some of the critters notice me when I am hunting.

I usually go for Damage, Crit Damage and range

I love snipey snipe slings best!

Opening an alternative huh?

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5 bullets per shot is nice

Also I like to get extra str but without making the bullet heavier and slower, specially on fast bows like topaz