Slopes - A New Kind of Menu

I love the slopes in this game, but having to change item slots every time I want a different slope and then having to remember which item slot corresponds to each slope is a lot of work. I imagine the Devs may already have a plan for simplifying the use of slopes, but I had this to suggest:

Example of the new Slope Bar accesed by pressing R:

In the regular items toolbar, you have the ability to scroll through your items by using your mouse wheel, but upon pressing the R key to change the regular blocks into slopes a new menu will pop up with the visual list of the available slopes for this block. Like the regular bar, you can also scroll through this toolbar with the mouse wheel and upon pressing R again, the Slope Bar menu will close and return to the normal bar.

With a method like this we can eliminate the need to constantly move our blocks into the correct slot for a particular slope or have to spread our resources across all item slots for fast slope building.


Something quite like this was already proposed, but it’s good to see we have like-minded players about this slope thing.

I’ve seen some of the other posts and the methods look so complex.

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Someone else already suggested something almost exactly like this
except they allowed room for expansion for the eventual upside-down slopes

Again, I’ve seen them. But it would be easy for the images in this one to invert rather than having a bigger menu taking up the screen. My goal was to keep it small and easy to use.


Yes, this is similar to the one I suggested - however, mine was based on using number keys.

However, I like @Lycankind 's scroll wheel based design better. It’s slimmer and faster. Nicely done :thumbsup:

My only suggestion would be that you hold R, select the shape, then release; rather than pressing R twice.

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Yea, It would be better if you would just hold down R.

R would basically just open the slopes menu and then close it, similar to the way it is now.


R is already reload you dunce. How will I pwn noobs (via 420 flame noscope) and build slopes if my slope button and reload buttons are the same?!
[Fo real: Yah this is a very important thing that the game has, but i’m sure the devs are on it already, since they have said that they intend to overhall the current system. Also It’s important to note that this exact system (of variations of it) has surfaced a couple other times in the forums.]

thats right “R” is reload in the most of all games, i wait for a long time to change key settings ^^

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In this game there really is no “reload” because you have to, currently, place your chosen ammo into the weapon.

Obviously this is just an example to the current default slope key. I’m sure when changeable key bindings come out, you can change this away from R.

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i only say i wait for changeable keys ^^