Slot machines


Slot machines would be an interesting game mechanic. Load in three items as prizes for each machine and let people gamble for them, sort of like borderlands.


3 hoppers pops out an exploding hopper? Lol


@Venom they must be elite or those exo planet Rift ones :stuck_out_tongue:


I laughed at first but this is actually a great idea


I honestly thought we already had this in the form of the forge. It just isn’t as ornate to have a long lever with a red handle that you can pull, and flashing lights.




This would be no skill required. Simple gambling houses.


I could never quite make out what that was being said, as many grenades as I’ve had thrown at me by them. :joy:

They are very addictive though. Had me thinking probably my favorite game casinos are in Dragon Quest/Warrior though… which had me thinking: any familiar with the giant Pachisi tracks in them? That would make a pretty epic project in Boundless, creating one. Some squares with giveaway plinths, others with penalty plinths or request baskets, some with lava, portals, ect. Players would have to provide their own dice and not cheat though, haha.


Hahaha oh man the mayhem i plan to unleash this friday when borderlands 3 comes out


That would be cool and a fun way to take peoples money. Massive casinos everywhere.


Yep, I’m gonna have a total veg-out gaming weekend I think - Borderlands 3 and Boundless. :wink: Plus I just started Torchlight 2 and want to play more of that… so many great games and so little time!

I saw a review complaining about Borderlands 3 being more of the same, another complaining about the humor… and I’m like, um, yeah, that is why I like Borderlands - the formula and the juvenile humor. :joy:


Thats exactly what I want lol, sounds like a great game to me :joy:. Yup thats all i plan to do this weekend myself


I haven’t even started playing and it already cracked me up… check this trophy/achievement… :rofl:


Florida man :joy::joy: that game is too funny


But we already have a forge, i mean lottery, I mean slot machine!


Love the idea it all depens whats used for using the slot machine maybe some in game drop or coins cubits are out of the question, because that’s buyable with real money and in many countries gambling is banned.


What do you mean that it’s coming out this friday? It’s not coming out for another six months. :innocent:

For real though, let’s not add gambling to Boundless - I’ve had enough of lootboxes for a lifetime.


Just stick your bet (tool) in, spam pure boon. A slot machine :smiley:


Glad im on ps4 :smiling_imp::joy:


I wouldn’t like slot machines as something anyone could place and profit from directly. However, if the machine only took specific monster drops, each having their own chance for items depending on rarity, it would add bonuses to the game without adversely affecting the economy. These token items could be bought/sold/traded and would eventually find a reasonable price range based on the odds/payouts of the machine. Using items rather than coin would limit the use of the machines, and having the game generate the rewards would add a little magic to the experience (and keep people from getting frustrated by lucky players).