Small QoL Irritations

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Oh really? Well there’s 254 of them, could you please tell me which ones? Pretty sure this is the thing that frustrates me the most. I have 3 shops: marble, sand, brick and every single one has MANY shop stands but all we see is “sand shop stand” would it really be that hard to add color? “Your pale berry sand shop stand in Simply Sand (Kree Mall) Beacon on Gloviathosa is empty.” Or is it harder than it sounds because I don’t know coding? Lol


I suggested a long time ago that it would be nice to have some sort of unified shop management interface, allowing you to check stock levels for all your stands across multiple shops and gather all profits in a single click. It never happened though. :slightly_frowning_face:


If you click on the notification doesn’t it place a marker to the empty stand? Could have sworn it does…


The problem would be that people throw on one stand different colors, or like for tools, different gem ones or like soils can also be all put in there together but setting different price for each soil. As long as that is possible I guess there’s no solution, except for if they create some kind of diagram that shows all of your sold goodies

Though I can understand the frustration as a big supplier. It would make things easier and faster if You knew what exactly ran out of stock without going there.

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The frustration for me is always having to do the “sideways shimmy” every time I check my shops, moving past stands and watching out for the coin to be collected. It’s become routine now, but it’s still madness that it’s necessary.


Oh, is this really a thing?!?! -goes to check-

Edit: It is not a thing. At least not from the notification part.

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