Smart move bug

I think the smart move is working great now. The only problem I found is that every time I shift click on a stack, the item on the slot 1 on my primary hand gets unequipped. It’s a bit annoying because is the slot I use most.

And… one other thing about colors. It’d great if the tooltip can give me a hint about the smart stack if it is “pure” or not. In the same way it says stone stack when stones are mixed and igneous stone stack when there are only igneous inside. It’d great if we can have a second line stating the color if the stack is all of the same type and color. (@dave I think you are the guy :slight_smile:)

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Where are you shift-clicking? Was it between a storage block and your inventory?

from machines to my inventory. I check it on crafting tables only. I can check with other machines too

I was playing a bit and It only happens with some stone spanners I crafted long time ago. It also happens with some old Iron Hammers, but not with the new ones. So for me it’s ok, you can close this.

PD. But don’t forget about the tooltip! :slight_smile:

This is definitely a bug that still hasn’t gotten tackled. When you change a stack of tools, it unequips any items within the same stack

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