Smart stacks of harvests dont stack right

Would provide a screenshot but id be useless lol.
I have encountered 2 times now on orum wheat and ancient oats that the smartstacks have one or two like 36 or something pieces that don’t combine normally with the same type but instead stay as say 36. It’s like it was counted as a different entity.

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Can you explain this in more detail as I don’t fully understand. You can use screenshots to illustrate the issue further.

I ll get ya a screenshot during lunchbreak. But here’s a better explanation, when you have oorum wheat the ss is made of entites each with 100 pieces in it. Sometimes after a harvest I have noticed that instead of having 100 in an entity it has like 45 and dont add to that entity normally.

You would expect it to fill it to 100 when you combine it with another oorum wheat entity stack, those 45 however are not combinable with the other oorum wheat entities.

Best to visualize is to think you have two different ressources, 50 wood and 50 stone and tried to combine them to a 100 stackpiece they wont mix.
The behaviour is the same in this case but the entites should mix since its’ the exact same ressource.
50 oorum wheat + 50 oorum wheat (bugged entity), remain 50 and 50 not 100 like normally in a ss, not combinable.

I was just about to make a topic for this!

I just harvested my first kindling shred.
I dumped it into my storage with my other 7 (i know, high roller here) shreds and to my surprise, they didn’t stack. As if there were 2 seperate items of the same type. (They behaved like viscous blood and fresh blood)

@vdragon there ya go. Those are the real thing, these Kranuts do not combine, I cant put them together for a 94 stack piece. If it helps with the debug I can hand you or some other dev both kranut entity stacks ingame. I ll keep them for now in case you need em.

seems to affect all farm plants, seen it on rice, wheat, kranut and oats. Luckily never on goo pigments. And they dont have any issues when crafting them to something they work fine.

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I have some kindling that does the same

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I had rice that was the same. rice that I harvested after the patch did not stack with rice I harvested before the patch. I’ve since consumed all my pre-patch rice so it all stacks again.


Same, I had almost all plants from before patch since I moved my base and didnt set up the farm until recently and they all showed the same behaviour. Didnt think much of it since it was inbetween patches.
Those kranuts shown are from todays harvest though.

edit: It is possible that I forgot to purge prepatch Kranuts, but as I remember I purged the whole storage (crafting/minter). Might have forgotten those, I ll purge those stacks and have a look during the next harvests.

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I have same non stacking issue with kindling shreds. I thought it was about that wild vs farmed ones. But could be about “block patch” like Simoyd said because I didn’t farm kindling before it.

These 8 don’t stack with others.

Same issue here. So far I’ve just seen it on ancient oats but I have at least 3 stacks of like 12, 35, 71ish… then a few normal stacks of :100:

Thanks for the replies. It’s likely to be similar to this:

We do have an incoming fix for this.


I had this happen with rock and compact coal

I’ve had this happen as well on multiple items; wheat, oats, and kindling mass. For me it appeared that I couldn’t mix seeds from farmed plants with seeds gathered in the wild.

Glad I’m not crazy I was wondering why my kindling shred wouldn’t stack correctly this morning.

I found out that my “57” seeds in a stack have color code of 57, and “34” seeds in a stack have color code of 34, the other 100 seeds are normal without any color applied on them.