Smoother/Less Sluggish Movement

Hey, Oort Online community!

One thing I noticed in Oort Online: The movement is a bit sluggish and imprecise…

I hate to compare to Minecraft, but I’m only doing so to help reinforce my point. Please understand, haha.

Let’s say you’re looking down at the ground/your feet, and you press the left arrow key.

Oort Online: A simple, small tap doesn’t move much at all, and is a bit sluggish at first unless held down. It’s not a quick movement, and makes movement a bit imprecise. I’ve noticed myself having trouble scaling steep mountains sometimes because I’ll go to make a jump to the left and forward to “parkour” onto a block, only to go much farther than I meant to and fall down the mountain.

Minecraft: A simple, small tap moves you a certain amount, and the length of which you press the key indicates how far you will move. There isn’t the small build-up of speed that Oort Online has when first pressing a movement key. Minecraft makes movement feel much more precise and comfortable.

I am fully aware how different the two games are, and WILL be, at heart, but I simply needed to reference to Minecraft as it best fits what I was trying to say. I am trying to make it clear that I am NOT asking you to make Oort Online become Minecraft, or anything like that… >.<

What do you all think about this? Have you noticed this? Would you like more precise, less sluggish movement? I, for one, feel that it would be a big improvement.

Thank you so much for reading and for your constructive criticism!

yeah oorts movements feel very liquid, where mc is like a solid chunk of aluminum. I kinda like how the movement feels on oort more, but when it comes to parkour situations it’s just annoying. I think it would be cool if we could get it just under mc’s stiffness- A little bit of liquid to make it feel organic, but still very easy to operate and move in tight situations.

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Thank you! That’s actually a pretty good way of explaining it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for raising this, I’ll take a look with one of the techier members of team, suspect it might be a client to server thing, but possibly we’ve just got some weirdly configured movement.

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thx :smiley: i found our movent sistema pretty “clumsy”

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Fantastic. Thank you, Ben. :slight_smile:

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