Sneak Peak of my first World [Update: All Biomes] [Worldbuilder]

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I kinda dislike the 2nd cause of all the water, we already have 1 like that. sooo muuuuch waaateeer.

but the canyon looks like an insanely cool idea. can you make cavesystems under the sand or is that automatic?

I cant actually.
I tried it but the Caves destroy the whole landscape and leave holes. I dont know how to pervent the Caves from leading outside.

And because of the second Biome, (voice of an annoying kid) THATS MY WORLD AND I WANT IT!! :smiley:

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Fair. just think about it a bit more. i think islands would be awesome biome, but try to go to gasan i think it is. water. as long as the eye can see.

Actually this should have been Valleys instead of Ocean Reefs, but I choose the wrong noise, so decidet to make reefs out of that and Valleys later xD

If you feel you are lacking tools to make stuff work post it right here: :slight_smile:

I cant see the reason to write it in there, and I’m not even sure if there’s something mising cause all I watched was an Tutorial by that one guy … I didnt remeber his name tho, anyway just it wasn’t the dev tutorial but I’m watching it as soon as I’ve done my first world.

There sure is an option in the Worldbuilder to make sure, that the caves dont stick outside.

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I don’t think so i haven’t found it yet -_-

I really like it. =D

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Do you want to share picture of how you made the noise for that? That is always interesting :slight_smile:

Done, updated the Thread.

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You should try and think about the biomes differently. The biomes are all mixed together in the final generation, so you need biomes that are watery to mix with other land based biomes. Obviously if you were to blend together biomes that we all watery then you’d end up with a water world.


but isnt that just gasan? like water freaking everywhere? and absolutely nothing else? i would love water/island worlds if you guys made a ship system.

But Gasan isn’t water everywhere. There are islands. It was an experiment to create some variation.

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seriously? i tried to swim for 10 minutes i never once found an island >.<

Maybe just the wrong way :wink: Thats the problematic with 3d Worlds :stuck_out_tongue:

well fair. i just hope they wll make the capital at an island in case they plan to keep it.

Or make an Underwater Capital like Atlantis ^^

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well. how would you feel being stuck on a waterworld with no land in an area of 1 km and you cannot get back again cause there is no land to mine oort stone?

I would feel nice :blush: