“Snooze” block (or an other name for it)

First of i want to mention i love the led blocks but hey “miss” something.
Like emitting light to its surroundings.

This “snooze” block would work the same as a led block or is even an improvement on the current Led block.
Imagine what we could do if a led block had an other “off” state like it becomes “invisible” or like glass.
Adding the option to use led for example as a “shutter” from blocking light to not blocking it.
So we could make “walking” lights that actually emit light.

Adding the function to additionally turn off state to “glass” and adding (for example) emitting light to the on state like gleam.
This would add the ability to “mix” lights for example.

I know this would probably be “to much” seeing it will change the light continuously even more so then the current led does.

Would be cool to see tough.

[don’t know if this already has been suggested
“Heat of the moment” thing as it popped in my mind]

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Possible in addition to this adding triggers/switches (which has been mentioned before) that can be activated by player and by “interaction” like opening a door or activating led blocks which will carry said signal to the next block (signal has to die out to like it can only stay alive for a minute or two after receiving said signal from trigger)

Bit complicated in the end but said signal needs to die to avoid all the time active “mechanics”…

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