Snow Block

Any chance we could get a snow block? One that looks and sounds like “Ice” but without the negative friction? That ould make my tundra world a ton more traversable. :smile:


I think there is an official snow block in game, but it’s more like a hard packed, slippery snow. For tundras, there should also be a permafrost block with similar properties to dirt, but frosted. Really, just a re-skin of dirt…


Is the current “hard-packed, slippery” snow block you mentioned what the WorldBuilder calls “ice”? Or are you talking about another block? If so, I couldn’t find another snow/ice block.

Oh… and a snowy varient of all leaf blocks would also be awesome! :smiley:


I might be wrong, It’s been a while since I looked at it. For reference, the block I was talking about is found on the Kovah mountain cap.

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yup that is Ice

We’ve talked about having a more ‘proper’ snow block before which would actually be in the liquid category instead (alongside lava and water) though would not flow like a liquid. This would allow the snow block to interact with other blocks the same way water does so that we could have variable height smoothed snow which can still have things like walls and torches placed ‘in’ the snow rather than having to be entirely on-top or replacing it.

No idea right now when that might happen or if we will still go down that route or not.


That’s an intriguing approach that I would have never even considered though. I guess my brain is still too caught up in minecraft mode to realize what is possible for Oort.


This is a really cool idea.


Would there be a way to apply a texture mask layer to a block thus making any block have a snowy look (if it were snowing)?

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Seconded. This sounds awesome.

… Also altering the sound when walking on it :wink:

oh yea, make it sound like really cold crunchy snow…that would be sweet

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