Snow is nice however a pain to build while it's on the ground


So I have a suggestion.

How about a new machine that could be placed in a beacon and it would shield the beaconed area its in from snowfall.

It could take rock salt which I know a lot of players have an overabundance of and could possibly even have to have spark to run.

Almost like a weather generator.

Still a rough idea I had this am when I woke up


i have a suggestion… how about we remove snow completely from the game?
It serves no purpose other than as an irritation. Whilst they are at it, maybe they could reduce the rain to about a 5th of what it is now and also scale back on the particle effects.
I can’t stand games that attempt to make things a bit harder by making it more difficult to see whats going on.


I think the snow looks nice when I am out exploring or hunting. Weather effects also help make the game feel more dynamic and less static.

Maybe use the rock salt to craft a timed item you place down and X amounts of plots will stay clear for a few hours while building. It would be less of a server strain than clearing a whole beacon.


Sure let’s make building require even more resources to do efficiently because it is not time consuming enough to gather and craft what you need to build. Now you have to make something to account for the weather instead of changing the weather effect that makes it almost impossible to build.

I preferred the EA weather with no snow. But in this universe we run around with few clothes so can it be that cold on these planets to be able to snow?


Comments like this are why I don’t share a lot of my ideas on these forums. A lot of whiny naysayers. You know what else would help builders? No hostile creatures, no energy drain, no day/night cycle…

We all have different ways of playing and need ways to balance and compromise for everyone. Rock salt is super abundant clogging many players storage. This idea is simply a compromise between not having the snow effect and helping builders out. And would give use something else to do with rock salt.


Regardless of if it is something else to craft at this point in time it is impossible to build with snow on the ground.

I agree that the snow should not be this invasive however we are stuck with it for the time being.

Maybe in the future they could tone it down which would be nice.

This attempts to provide a way to “deal” with it in the interim as opposed to just having my building stop because of snow.

It would also provide a sink for rocksalt.
This idea could also be expanded upon to generate rather than suppress weather effects too.
Someone mentioned wanting permanent fog at their build.


And name calling is certainly one way to encourage discussion.


As proposed we’ve hooked disabling the snow fall onto the builder / beacon view.


I find the snow and rain to be a total pain in the rear. I play to escape the problems of life, to ignore the pain I am in. Rain is depressing, snow may be pretty the first few hours and if you are inside a warm house.
But game ! the letter H and the double E and another L NO! I it does not make me feel it is part of life.

Cut the snow and rain back by 50% if the developers want it so back. Do a poll to find out how many like it, same that can be done with the players who aren’t part of the forum, I’d bet many don’t like it.


Well that makes things easier I must have missed this proposal or forgot about it.

The machine could be cool for generating weather effects though lol


Personally I like all the weather effects. I have more than enough builds and things to work on that I can just bounce to the next thing if something is hindering me too much. But usually I don’t run into that problem since my outside is done before the inside.


Whiny naysayers? When did voicing a opinion become a bad thing?

@Kal-El has as much right as you to state what he likes and doesn’t like in the game and I agree with him in this, I HATE the rain and snow. We have very little days of sunlight in the state I live in, 3/4 is cloudy, and most of the year is rain, even if it is just showers that last for just a hour or two, it is the frigging rain! Depressing, yet I have to put up with it in the game?
Why can’t we say it is too much?

To be honest, is too much and the more I play and have to put up with the stupid asinine rain and snow, the less I want to play.


Snow doesnt bother me during building it’s the rain, its way to often and its combined with snow one after the other so its not even very immersive. Snows for one minute then starts raining for 2, broken up buy a few snow flurries continued with rain. Its visually annoying.


:joy: sounds just like real life here in Ireland