So my brain turned off for a couple hours today

Bethesda have won E3

why? Haven’t watched them.

Okay firstly Doom. Goriest Game of this year, fast paced action game, with Demons, and big go and watch the gameplay demo.

Secondly, Dishonored 2, Steam punk Assassin Type game.

Thirdly, TES Legends, a Card Game.

Fourth Battlecry which is a Team based Competitive Multiplayer Game.

And lastly we have Fallout 4 which is going to knock Witcher 3 away from GOTY.

Fallout 4 includes, Crafting, Great storyline, Dynamic World, Dynamic Dialog, Jetpacks, Mutants, Deathclaws and much much more,

I’m still more pumpt for Kingdom Hearts 3^^ I kind of lost my faith in Bethesda after ESO and I’m not so much a fan of all the games you just mentioned.

I watched the trailers now.
Doom looks like a, a little bit less sci-fi-y, not so smooth, Dead Space to me^^ But the map editor looks amazing!

I’d imagine TES Legends will be something like Hearthstone, Magic?

Battlecry looks a little bit like TF2. So not really my cup of tea.

Ok Fallout 4 looks great. Never got into it before but maybe now. Time will tell if it’s as great as it looks^^

And lastly the presentation was awesome. One of the best I’ve ever seen.
Still, I’d rather play KH3 than Fallout 4^^

Edit: I’ve just seen that you can build you own house and energy lines and all that stuff _ I might have to change my mind about rather playing KH3^^

yeah also about ESO, the company that made Skyrim didnt make that, that was made by Zenimax, Skyrim, Fallout 3, Oblivion etc were made by Bethesda Softworks

Oh I didn’t know that or I knew it but didn’t put together that Zenimax and Bethesda didn’t work together on ESO^^
I found Skyrim boring too but not as boring or bad as ESO xD

are you a gamer that like it more when you are given a solid path, or one that likes freedom to do what he wants when he wants, trust me i didnt do the story till about 70 hours in

I like to be totaly independant on what to do and when to do it^^

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Why do people compare every single new online card game with Hearthstone? Really?

I thought that too actually :slight_smile:

Though the gameplay in thos two game is quite different.

All the companies have pressented some amazing games this year though.

Microsoft clearly made the best consol anouncment though.

Well I compared it to the only two online card games I know of^^ I mean of course there are all the others like yu-gi-oh, pokémon etc. but as far as I know Magic is the only one with an official online game and Hearthstone because it’s only online^^
Now that I think about it. Wasn’t there another online card game a few weeks ago? I can’t remember the name.

What did Microsoft announce?

Ah i didn’t see the Magic part ^.^

I hav just grown tired of people shouting Hearthstone everytime some new card game is released.

Backward compatillity on Xbox one oh and a pretty awesome controller but that is not important.

No problem^^

Well I’m not a fan of the xbox so it didn’t catch my interest^^ But yea that’s quite good actually.

That is going to give them a headstart on sony who have not announced it yet.

The only problem is that they need to work a bit on every single game that is going to be playable on xbox one

Yea that’s true. Are there rumors about the same with the ps4?

I haven’t heard any but i would bet on that they are working like crazy to get there as the backward compatility would be enough for a lot of people to choose Xbox one instead of PS4

Yea that’s true. I hope they can do it until I buy a PS4^^

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I had nearly decided to buy a PS4 before that but know i really don’t know :cry: