So... some newbie questions

  1. How do I place a block next to a block I’ve placed when there is nothing underneath it? Example: Say I want to make a basic table, 3x3 with the base being 1 block thick in the middle a couple deep. Once I place say 3 blocks for the base, it seems like the only way to build to the left or right is to build a cube and then delete the blocks you don’t want. Is this the only way to do it?
  2. How do you get a beacon?
  3. How can you store materials so they dont disappear when you die?
  4. Is there some kind of tutorial/faq for total beginners? I just got the game tonight and I have a lot of questions. I haven’t seen 1 other player so far!
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For the placing of blocks just add them to the side you want to have them. Just aim and click, easy. If you want to build a bridge or something try going “sneaking” to the edge, so that you dont fall of.

The beacons have to be requested in the moment here in this forum. Just search for the topic with “request beacon”. They will be placeble by you later when they update the system. To show your coordinates click “.” until you see the parameters in the upper left side.

There are no Boxes or chests jet, so just stay careful. You may set a location as “home” (in the Esc menue) so that you spawn near your death place of building in risky locations. Boxes are planed in the near future. The design was already shown by the devs here in the forum :wink:

There is no tutorial by now. It will come later, may be in alpha (in the moment the game is still pre-alpha). Just try or ask more questions here :wink:

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3: I just place a block in a storage room so that when I die I can go into my storage room pick up the blocks I need and then use Infinite mode to put it back again so I always have that block in storage

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The wiki is still being filled out, but these are the most helpful links so far:

basic controls can be found in the main menu (esc)
also - press ( i ) for infinite blocks (not counted as infinite in crafting menu)

If you are looking for certain blocks look here: